Diva’s in Justice – Lillian Shawa Siyuni makes Debut Female Director of Public Prosecution

Loboutins shoes for women symbolizes an affluent power base.

Who ever said women couldn’t be in boardrooms? Zambia is experiencing a morphing of culture and paradigm mindset shift. We have observed a very remarkable trend from the feminine statistic outplaying the males voter turn out in the August polls, 50.35% vs. 49.65%! Madam Inonge Wina was a victorious running mate while the likes of Charlotte Scott and former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa contested various leadership positions of power. Edith Nawakwi, Zambia’s only former finance minister was head on with the masculine folk in the recent presidential polls. Bodies such as the Law Association of Zambia – LAZ is led by a woman president Linda Kasonde. It’s just not the Christine Lagardes – IMF Boss or the Angela Markels – German Chancellor, Africa and Zambia specifically is catching the fever too. It’s contagious.

Today, after parliament ratified her appointment, President Lungu swore Lillian Shawa Siyuni (42) as Director of Public Prosectution – DPP. She takes over from Mutembo Nchito who was released of his duties earlier in the year. After operating in an acting capacity for months, his excellency commander in chief deemed it befitting to confirm her in the role.

Lilian Shawa Siyuni at State House.
Lilian Shawa Siyuni at State House.

Lillian has over 15 years experience on the bar. She has served in various capacities as a legal practioner in private practices both in Zambia and the United Kingdom. She also served as state defense counsel. Before her appointment she was Deputy DPP. Not only is she qualified but has the requisite acumen to serve in the presidential appointment. ZBT joins the nation in congratulating Lillian on her appointment. The President can also be lauded for recognizing women and championing gender equality in selecting his preferred candidate for the position.

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