Colon hydrotherapy is a cleansing technique that involves flushing water in and out of the large intestines to remove accumulated waste. Conventionally, it is often used in preparation of a colonoscopy. However, in natural health practice it has found use in relieving constipation, promoting general wellness and in the treatment of various skin disorders like acne and eczema. It is a common method of colon cleansing and forms an integral part in most detox programs. In this article we will discuss how colon hydrotherapy has become an important part of natural health.

Cleansing the large intestines (colon).
Cleansing the large intestines (colon).

We will also look some of the benefits of having colon hydrotherapy and how this is different from other cleansing techniques.

How it works
Colon hydrotherapy is a painless and safe procedure. It starts off with a gentle belly massage to get the bowels moving. Thereafter, a sterile disposable speculum is inserted into the rectum. (Please note that our speculums are never re-used). Pressurised water at a controlled temperature is then flushed in and out of the colon repeatedly throughout the session. A typical session lasts between 30 to 45 minutes. However, this entirely depends on the client and their needs. Because colon hydrotherapy uses pressure, water is able to reach areas of the large intestines that enemas cannot. In addition, the temperature also allows the warm water to soften the stool and ease the removal of waste. The safety and convenience of the therapy means that you can have colon hydrotherapy as many times as possible (obviously at the discretion of your therapist).

Why have colon hydrotherapy?
At the heart of colon hydrotherapy is ‘autointoxication’ – the belief that food which remains in the large intestines (similar to that left outside) eventually rots and becomes a source of toxins and poisons. As a result these toxins enter your blood stream, and can cause an array of health problems such as arthritis, gout, skin disorders, allergies, gases and many more. Even though autointoxication has been a contentious issue over the years, it remains popular among natural health practitioners.

Here are (7) reasons why you should consider having colon hydrotherapy:

1. It is good for a healthy digestive system;
2. It helps restore proper bowel movements (improve bowel muscle tone);
3. It alleviates constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and gases;
4. It helps in treating various skin conditions (like acne, psoriasis and eczema)
5. It is good for general health and well being;
6. It helps improve sleep and energy levels;
7. It helps in preventing the risk of certain illnesses/disease such as Colon Cancer.

Finally, at Ndichete, we understand that colon health is key to general wellness and hence, we have ensured that our clinic offers a private and serene place for all therapy, colon hydrotherapy included.

Say it with us, “Ndichete” – I am well.