India’s US$40 million Funding Commitment Questioned

One of the completed rural health post.

INDIA’s ability to fulfil its funding commitments to Zambia has come up again barely a month after the reported failure to complete the building of the 650 health posts. This time around, the reason proffered is that funding is waiting for specifications from the Zambian government for India to proceed and give a line of credit to mechanize the agriculture sector.

According to Ministry of External Affairs Joint Secretary for Development Partnership Administration AMIT KUMAR, India is ready to release funds to a tune of US$40 Million for the mechanization of the agriculture sector in Zambia following a request in 2016.

A press query has since been sent by ZBT awaiting for a response from Agriculture Permanent Secretary, JULIUS SHAWA, to establish if the delay to provide specifications to the INDIA is really the main reason as this matter of technicalities with continued funding from particularly India seem to be a recurring theme.

In the meantime funding from the completion of 650 health posts is yet to be received despite commitments made that the needed extra US$12 million additional funding from INDIA would be availed within 30 days. THE Indian Government had assured Zambia that it would finalize the process of releasing additional funds within a month for the completion of the 650 health posts in Zambia.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to India JUDITH KAPIJIMPANGA held a meeting with AMIT KUMAR at his office in New Delhi, on Tuesday, August 8. About 250 health posts out the agreed 650 have already been completed with others fully according to the Zambia Ministry of Health.

“Let me assure You that efforts are being made to ensure that contractors are engaged to complete works in some parts of Zambia following the termination of Angelique’s contract and we want to see if we can engage the two contractors already in Zambia who worked on the other health posts,” KUMAR said.