Airtel Zambia fails to Keep Calm as it Upgrades to 4G

AIRTEL Bharti, Zambia’s top mobile revenue leader, could not keep calm today, as they finally launched 4G a move that is deemed to improve service provision and data speed in this age. The upgrade was long overdue but Airtel took its time to do the roll out effectively. Its competitors – MTN, Hai Technology and Vodafone, were ahead of the curve with Zamtel trailing behind with 4.5G recently launched. Airtel took its time to invest in state of the art digital equipment to unleash this offering in Lusaka today. The launch was done at Radisson Blu hotel in Lusaka.

To wow its clientele and potential subscribers the red phone company has deeply slashed its data pricing ranging from ZM50 for 1.5GB to ZMW400 for 25GB. This pricing is roughly 50% what its competitors are charging.

Zambians are keen on seeing how 4G upgrade in systems will translate to excellent customer service which the 3 mobile service providers have been castigated for. An investigation into complaints by the public is underway and outcome to be announced by ZICTA.

Despite having a subscriber market share base of 37%, Airtel recently overtook MTN in revenue market share accounting for 46% of the telecoms industry. Its about time the market had some pricing sanity in data provision, a Lusaka resident said.

Zambia will soon see the entrance of a 4th mobile service provider following the extermination of barriers to entry in the telecoms industry after Parliament approved a converged licensing framework. The market is forecast to see even more data price cuts as competition gets ferocious. ZICTA recently opened the window for bids for a 4th service provider which it has extended to close this week.

Airtel will paint the country red today  as the launch celebrations continues.

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