Zambian Judge’s bemoan being tried by Advocates at Judicial Complaints Commission – Judge Chitabo

Head gear for judges. Zambian judges have bemoaned being tried by lawyers at the judicial complaints commission. Lawyers are from the bar which is junior to the bench for judges.

JUDGES in Zambia have bemoaned the anomaly of being tried by advocates at the Judicial Complaints Commission. This was contained in a statement by Judge Chitabo as he gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the High Court Criminal session in Lusaka the capital yesterday graced by the Chief Justice Irene Mambilima  and her deputy Marvin Mwanamwambwa.

In his speech, Judge Chitabo recommended that judges should only be tried by their peers or any one higher. “How can those on the bench be tried by those from the bar, they are too junior,” he said. The government was also urged to increase the number of judges and court rooms to help expedite case turn around.

“Another aspect that should be taken seriously in pursuit of justice is judiciary training, Chief Justice Judge Irene Mambilima said. I finally believe that judicial training is vital to the effective administration of justice, she said.

Deputy Chief Justice Judge Marvin Mwanamwambwa highlighted that judges are not to be blamed for delayed judgement’s but urged all stakeholders in the process to do their part in speeding up the process.

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