Kazungula bridge construction to delay by 7-months – Daewoo Construction

Kazungula bridge construction site.

CONSTRUCTION of the Kazungula bridge – in SADCs busiest corridor – will delay by 7-months, Consultant Daewoo Construction Company revealed at Kazungula district on 26 April. The bridge is expected to connect the Zambia and Botswana corridors replacing usage of the ferry. Project completion earmarked for March next year has been shifted to October 2019.

“Logistics of getting stuff here is not easy it takes a long time, the logistics of  replacing things when they breakdown takes long time, it is also not easy working in the river,” Deputy Team Leader  Engineer Michael Leah said in an interview.

The Road Development Agency – RDA is nonetheless happy with the quality of works so far and the benefits the bridge construction has accrued to the locals.

“The Korean Contractor Daewoo is doing a great job. We have had a lot employment opportunities; just this bridge has created over 750 jobs for the locals. The locals have greatly befitted from this project,  Corporate and Communications Director for RDA Masuzyo Ndhlovu said.

The bridge will  improve trade and commerce traffic into and out of Zambia which has for many years been hampered by usage of a ferry to move traffic across the 155m deep crocodile infested Zambezi river. Completion of the bridge will open gateway to increased flows that will translate to increased revenue collection from border and weigh bridge tolls, an RDA official told the business times.

Botswana’s former President Lieutenant General Seretse Khama (right), Zambia’s Presdient Edgar Lungu (middle) and Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa (left) on 10 March visiting the Kazungula bridge construction to track progress. The Kazungula bridge is expected to improve trade flows in SADCs busiest corridor.

Three regional presidents; Zimbabwe’s Emmerson MnangagwaIan Khama of Botswana and Edgar Lungu of Zambia, in March took the long trip to inspect progress on the multi-million-dollar Kazungula Bridge in Kasane, which upon completion will enhance intra-regional trade within the SADC region and beyond. This corridor is the busiest of all regional corridors in the SADC region, linking landlocked countries to the port of Durban, the regional hub for export and import. It will mostly benefit businesses engaged in the miningagriculture and service sectors. The Kazungula is a joint construction project between Zambia and Botswana earmarked for completion in 2019.

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