20% of traffic offenses are caused by dangerous driving – RTSA

File: RTSA officers show beer bottles from a freight vehicle search

The Lusaka Fast Track Court on Traffic Offences has over the last one month convicted over 100 motorists for the offence of dangerous driving contrary to the Road Traffic regulation.

According to a press statement made available to the Zambian Business Times – ZBT, Road Transport and Safety Agency – RTSA Public Relations Manager, Mukela Mangolwa charged that dangerous driving remains among the leading traffic offenses among Lusaka motorists.

Out of the 604 convictions secured by the RTSA, 119 (20%) convictions where for dangerous driving accounting for the highest convictions for traffic offenses and this are according to the Lusaka Fast Track Court for Traffic offenses convictions for the month of October 2018.

Mangolwa further stated that other offenses included Expired Road Tax with 205 convictions, Expired Test Certificate with 89 convictions, 46 convictions for expired/uninsured motor vehicle, 31 for unlicensed drivers and 29 convictions for use of hand held mobile phone whilst driving.

“The Agency also secured convictions for expired certificate of fitness, failure to display number plate, failure to obey traffic signs, failure to wear obligatory seatbelt, applying for hire, permitting unlicensed driver, obstruction of roadway by motor vehicle, and failure to obey lawful instructions among other offences”, Mangolwa stated.

According to statistics, it is clear that cases of dangerous driving have continued to increase and posing a danger to motorists and other road users a situation that has contributed to road traffic crashes in the country.

Mangolwa further said that RTSA would sustain and increase its traffic law enforcement programmes countrywide given the prevailing scenario in order to ensure total compliance among motorists and provide safety to all road users.

Mangolwa further encouraged all members of the public to be proactive and make use of the RTSA Call Centre by reporting bad, careless and dangerous drivers on the toll free line which is 983 and the WhatsApp line 0965 429499.

There has been a notable reduction in traffic crashes on roads were speed camera’s have been installed and RTSA has indicated that the road monitoring through speed camera’s will be scaled up to all key roads and towns.