Mayor raises half a million Kwacha for pave Kitwe 400 project

Community funded pave Kitwe 400 project

Kitwe city Council as committed K255 887 donation from individuals and firms toward procurement of a pavers making machine for the 400 kilometers pave Kitwe Walkways project.

According to the information shared with Zambian Business Times-ZBT by the Kitwe City Mayor Christopher Kangombe, the value of the materials stood donated so far stood at K296, 965, and this is after giving a breakdown of the materials and monetary donations received since the project begun in 2017.

“As at 7th November 2018, Kitwe Council has received K255, 887 in cash and Cheque donations while the materials amount to K296, 965. We are very greatful for the overwhelming public generosity as we strive to improve the face of Kitwe”, Kangombe said.

The youthful Mayor further stated that in terms of project sustainability, the local authority has resolved to procure pavers and block making machine in order to speed up the implementation process.

Kangombe who is an engineer by professional training also announced a slight variation in the project implementation programme. He said the Council was considering widening some sections of the paved walkways to create room for cyclists.

“While our total coverage area is 400 kilometers by one meter width, however, the Council is currently ascertaining which walkways could be widened at some points to accommodate cyclists,” his Kitwe Mayor explained.

The funds allocated to city and district councils throughout Zambia remains minimal as most of the spend is done via line ministries. The councils across the country have limited revenue bases as most of their revenue generating functions have been centralized.

Efforts to decentralize and use municipalities as government agents in revenue collection as well as pending agencies remains on paper with the decentralization policy being implemented at a snails pace.

Innovative mayors like Christopher Kangombe have won recognition due to their creative actions of not just waiting for the central government funding, but embarking on projects such as the pave kitwe 400km attracting the donations of well meaning members of the public as well as corporate institutions.