About Us

The Vision 

Our vision is to provide a platform for financial knowledge which breaks down the linkage of global events to the African region and the Zambian local context and where applicable vice-versa. To explore how global and local events impact the common man, the national economy at large and to facilitate financially informed decision making by our audience.

Our values

  1. Optimism

The world is currently in a state of flux, fast paced and has a lot of uncertainties. We seek like most successful beings to explore the opportunities and see the challenges as areas where we can apply innovative thinking to drive opportunities that abound behind them.

  1. Candor

We seek to be respectful as per our general national culture in Zambia but in so doing we will tell events as they are and call a spade a spade. We will not conceal from discussing ‘the elephant in the room’.

  1. Intellect

Our publications will be well researched and where possible quantified. They will be able to pass the test of logic or cognitive abilities within the confines of our bounded rationality.

  1. Boundless content and quality

Our content will be sieved through the lens of the best local and international practices thereby enable looking at events and news using the triangulation model. We will endeavor to give unbiased and rounded views.

Advisory Board

To guide the establishment and governance of Zambia Business Times (ZBT), we have an advisory board comprising of both locally and internationally recognized, experienced and grounded business, investments and media personalities. Below are our board advisors

Fr Joe Komakoma

Fr. Joe is a diocesan priest trained through the diocesan minor Seminary at Franciscan centre in Ndola, then Mpima and St. Dominic’s major seminary for Philosophical and Theological studies. He has also worked as Chaplain at the workers Pastoral centre in Kitwe, and as Director of the Zambia Episcopal Conference at the Catholic Secretariat in Lusaka. He still serves as Director of the catholic Centre for Justice Development and Peace. He is renowned to have run a widely followed column with then Zambia’s leading private newspaper, the Post, from 1999 to 2004. Fr. Joe holds a BA degree in Theology (Urbaniana), an MA degree in Sociology (Louvain). He is currently the Secretary General of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM).

Prof. Malcolm Smith

Malcolm’s specialities are Venture Capital, Private Equity, selling strategy and negotiation skills. He has a degree in Applied Physics, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He spent 25 years in the food sector, covering flour milling, feed milling, milk, cheese, fresh chicken and prepared foods. His role for the last 12 years in this sector was that of CEO of large, international enterprises. Recently, He has become involved with the Venture Capital sector, and has acted as CEO, Chairman and most recently Non Exec Directorship roles in the internet space. Malcolm also serves as a visiting professor & fellow of the Manchester Business School.

Dr. Caleb Fundanga
Dr. Fundanga serves as President at the Macroeconomic Institute for Finance and Economics- MEFMI. Dr. Fundanga served as a Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, at Cabinet Office and then at the Office of the President.
Donald Mumba
Donald is a banker with over 10 year’s experience. He has been Head of Digital Banking & Alternative Distribution Channels, General Manager for Personal Banking Segment and currently the Director of Sales.
Mutisunge Zulu
Mutisunge is a seasoned banker with over a decade of experience. His expertise covers global economic analysis, debt & capital markets, market risk (interest & exchange rates and commodities), operational risk (retail and corporate), credit risk (sovereign and wrong way risk), information technology security risk, business resilience and investor services.