Florentina writes: Dear Three Wise Men, this year I would like you to bring me something to paint, some watercolors or something like that. This letter has reached the Caixabank offices and there, anonymously, an employee or client of the bank will make the little girl’s wish possible.

But also that of another 25,000 children in vulnerable situations throughout the country. This is the initiative, The Tree of Dreams, which connects thousands of corporate volunteers with more than 400 organizations, such as Cáritas, the Red Cross or Save the Children, to help alleviate the terrible effects of the crisis caused by covid-19 also in this area.

Its victims are the beneficiaries of the solidarity action of hundreds of companies this Christmas.

Your employees have skyrocketed expectations. Initiatives such as the digital Christmas postcards designed at Henkel Ibérica, which donates one euro for each shipment made by an employee, which has raised a collection of 15,000 euros, or the toy collection campaign in which Acesur workers have participated.

For Antonio Bautista, an oil company employee for 30 years, “the illusion to participate is as much as that of the children when they receive our gifts.”

The Christmas markets organized by Inditex volunteers, in which its staff sells and buys surplus clothing to make a solidarity box, is another of the actions that brings together thousands of volunteers.

As well as that of Fundación Telefónica , which from the international cooperation campaign A smile for Christmas, works so that more than 11,000 children have a gift this holiday season.

The company allocates 200,000 euros and 56,000 volunteers between employees and retirees to solidarity actions this year, from which one and a half million people spread over 26 countries will benefit.

His biggest challenge with the pandemic as a backdrop has been “to convert our face-to-face program to virtual in 16 days,” highlights Carlos Palacios, Telefónica’s global volunteer program manager.

The solidarity commitment of the Marriott hotel chain is focused on rewarding the great effort of the doctors. “We are collecting vouchers to give this Christmas stays to the health workers of the La Paz and 12 de Octubre hospitals,” says the company.

For Juan Ángel Poyatos, founder of Red Voluntare, this unprecedented push of corporate volunteering “will position the business world as one of the three pillars that move volunteering in the world, only behind that attracted by the media and networks. social and the University.

Precisely on Instagram, the Mahou San Miguel Foundation has launched the Donate your follow campaign, whereby each new follower of the institution donates 5 kilos of food to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks , FESBAL. 11,500 kilos of food have already been collected and their estimates suggest that they will reach 50,000 kilos.

Also the help of the employees of the renewable company Capital Energy will go to this organization, in total 12,435 euros.

The data confirm the rise of corporate volunteering . According to the Radiography of Corporate Volunteering in Spain, carried out by Red Voluntare, 83% of companies expect their program to grow in the next five years and 63% already allocate a specific budget ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 euros for this purpose .

In addition, one in four companies schedules available hours for their employees to participate. “Feeling useful and being able to change realities has become a necessity for many workers, who ask their companies for an active and responsible attitude towards their environment,” says Poyatos.

In this line and, since the beginning of the pandemic, Correos has put its logistics and capillarity at the service of society. More than 3,200 volunteers work on 500 initiatives in Spain and with 189 alliances with NGOs.

At Christmas, the Chefs for Spain initiative, led by the chef José Andrés and his NGO World Central Kitchen, has been reactivated, which so far have distributed 2.5 million meals. On Christmas Eve they have delivered 30,000 meals to vulnerable families together with volunteers from the Mapfre Foundation.

Its distribution to people with restricted mobility or limitations due to the covid has been made through the Post Office and the Madrid fire brigade.

The return of corporate volunteering also translates into numbers. Red Voluntare has measured this impact in two large companies such as Endesa and Telefónica. For every euro invested by the electricity company, 11.15 euros are generated and the total value contributed is 14.84 million euros.

In the case of Telefónica, for every euro invested in corporate volunteering, six are obtained, with a total impact of 28.83 million euros. The strategies of both companies are different. Fundación Telefónica has a high mobilization of volunteers, while in Endesa volunteers dedicate more hours.

“The greater the investment per volunteer, the greater the value it generates,” says Juan Ángel Poyatos, who adds that “investing in volunteering for the elderly has a greater return than doing it in younger people.”

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