May 6, 2021

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Eduardo Bolsonaro Calls Opposition Deputies Vagina Carriers

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Eduardo Bolsonaro calls opposition deputies “vagina carriers”. The son of the Brazilian president attacked women of the CCJ for their reaction to a video of Eder Mauro Cardoso.

Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro , one of the sons of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, referred to a group of opposition congressmen on Thursday as “people who carry vagina,” a disqualification for which they have already asked that a investigation. ”

It seems, but it is not the cage of the crazy women, they are only the people who carry vagina in the CCJ (Constitution and Justice Commission) being driven to madness by the truths told by Deputy Éder Mauro, “said Eduardo Bolsonaro on his social networks.

The president’s son accompanied his message with a video in which Deputy Eder Mauro Cardoso appears. , a police commissioner by profession, calling, loudly, “communists” to some deputies of the opposition to the government of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro.

Amid the outrage of his colleagues, Cardoso also accused them of ” implementing sex in schools for five- and six-year-olds” and backed, completely beside himself, Bolsonaro’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, who denies the severity of covid-19.

Eduardo Bolsonaro’s comments on his Twitter profile were condemned by Deputy Joice Hasselmann, who described the phrase as “sexist” and pointed out that it represents a “breach of parliamentary decorum in any serious Congress in the world.”

In that sense, he asked the Federal Public Ministry to investigate the son of the head of state by criminal means and announced that he will present a complaint to the Council of Ethics of the Chamber of Deputies.

Precisely this Thursday, that legislative body filed another process against Eduardo Bolsonaro in which he was accused by the opposition of an “attack against democracy” by suggesting during an interview the adoption of similar measures such as those that were in force during the military dictatorship (1964 -1985).

Then, the scion of the Brazilian ruler alluded to the AI-5,A package of anti-democratic measures applied during the military regime through which repression increased, several political parties were banned and dozens of opposition parliamentarians were dismissed.

Those statements by Eduardo Bolsonaro, who like his father used to praise the times of the dictatorship , also raised a huge controversy in Congress, which was added to another during the 2018 electoral campaign, when he said that, if the Supreme Court put obstacles to the Government of his father, “a corporal and a soldier would suffice” to “close it”.

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