Facebook for discriminating

The US Department of Justice announced Thursday that it has filed a lawsuit against Facebook Inc. for discriminating against American workers.

In the complaint, the Justice Department alleges that the leading social media company refused to “recruit, consider or hire qualified US workers” and instead prioritized foreigners on temporary visas. For positions where US specialists would have been left out of the selection process, salaries averaged $ 156,000 annually.

“The Justice Department lawsuit alleges that Facebook engaged in willful and widespread violations of the law, reserving positions for temporary visa holders rather than considering interested and qualified US workers,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric S. Dreiband of the Civil Rights Division in a memo released Thursday.

The indictments single out the company for discriminating against potential local applicants over temporary visa holders (including H-1B visa holders).

The Justice portfolio ruled in its investigation that in the most relevant period of applications “Facebook received zero or one applicant” from the United States compared to 99.7 percent of foreign applicants for their positions. Last August the Trump administration approved a decree to favor the hiring of US workers in the country by government agencies.

“As we speak, we are finalizing a regulation on H-1B [visas] so that no American worker will ever be replaced again. H-1Bs should be used by highly paid talent to create American jobs, not as a cheap program of jobs or to destroy American jobs, “said President Donald Trump when initiating the document.

H-1B visas allow employers to temporarily hire specialized foreign workers in certain sectors.

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