The Council of Ministers approved a royal decree on Tuesday that extends some economic social protection measures approved during the pandemic beyond the state of alarm that ends this Sunday, May 9.

These measures will now be extended for three more months, until August 9 . Among them are those related to housing rental (moratorium on payment and suspension of evictions ) for vulnerable groups and initiatives to combat energy poverty .

What will happen from May 9?
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, already announced three weeks ago the extension by three months of both the prohibition of evictions of vulnerable families who live in rent, and the possibility that these types of households obtain a postponement or forgiveness in the payment and an extension of the expiration date of the lease.

The measures were approved in March last year after the outbreak of the pandemic and have been extended and expanded on several occasions , but they were scheduled to expire on May 9 with the end of the state of alarm.

The Ministry of Transport has specified that the moratorium on the evictions of vulnerable rental homes may include those families that do not have a contract when there are dependents, victims of violence against women or minors .

In these cases, the judge may decide to suspend the eviction when the owners are natural or legal persons who own more than 10 homes and after requesting a report from the social services to assess the situation of economic vulnerability and identify the measures to respond to it. .

As it was already regulated months ago, this measure may not be applied when the home is the owner’s habitual residence or second residence or the owner has transferred it to a natural or legal person for the same purpose, when the entry into the property has occurred. with intimidation or violence , when there are indications that the home is being used for illicit activities , in the case of properties intended for social housing and have already been assigned, or when the entry occurs after the entry into force of the regulation .

This is how the rent moratorium will affect you
The Government, in parallel, has extended the deadline for landlords affected by the suspension of evictions to request compensation . It was one month from the end of the state of alarm, but now it will start counting from the end of the three-month extension of the measure, with which they will be able to submit said request until September 9 .

For its part, the three-month extension of the possibility of requesting the postponement or partial forgiveness of the rent payment may be requested when the landlord is a large owner or public entity , so it does not affect small homeowners.

The six-month extension of the expiration of the contract, in turn, benefits vulnerable households that request it as long as the owner does not need the home for himself and is a natural person. Both measures can only be requested once during the entire period in which it has been in force, that is, if you have already been a beneficiary of either of the two, you cannot request them again.

On the other hand, the regulation approved by the Government also extends the current guarantee period for the supply of water, electricity and natural gas to vulnerable consumers and the thermal social bonus (subsidized prices) to their recipients until August 9.

Also three months, the consideration as essential services of the public services of information, advice, tele-assistance, monitoring by telematic means, comprehensive social assistance and shelter for victims of all forms of violence against women is extended , and communities are also empowered autonomous communities to allocate the funds corresponding to them from the State Pact against Gender Violence to their own programs in this regard.

Additionally, the boards of owners of the communities under the horizontal property regime will not have the obligation to be called before December 31, 2021.

Nor will they have the obligation to approve the plan of income and foreseeable expenses, the corresponding accounts and the annual budget, and, during the same period or until the corresponding meeting is held, the last approved annual budget and the appointments of the governing bodies will be understood to have been extended.

It is also allowed that the meeting can be held by videoconference or by multiple telephone conference, provided that all owners have the necessary means, and the possible adoption of an agreement without holding a meeting by casting a vote by postal mail or telematic communication.

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