Foment, el Cercle, the Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona Tech City, the Círculo Ecuestre and other entities will participate in a protest event on June 2.

New offensive to expand Barcelona airport . The entities and economic agents “most representative of the economic activity and the productive fabric” of the Catalan capital have agreed to demand that the public administrations facilitate the expansion of the airport infrastructure as foreseen in their master plan, which they oppose, for For example, the City Council headed by Ada Colau .

The ‘comuns’ distanced themselves from their PSC partners and voted against Aena’s plans together with ERC.

After a meeting at the headquarters of Foment del Terball , the promoter of this movement, various entities from various fields, including the Cercle d’Economia, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona Tech City, Mobile World Capital, the Círculo Ecuestre, RACC, Esade and UFEC agreed to participate in a protest event on June 2 at Esade in Barcelona.

In this meeting, to which 35 entities have joined, the professor of Economics and ‘former minister’ of Economics, Andreu Mas-Colell , and the president of the Council Assessor d’Infraestructures, Paco Gutiérrez , will intervene .

The expansion planned in the Barcelona Plan consists of a new satellite terminal and the 500-meter extension of one of the parallel runways, with an estimated investment of 1,700 million euros in the period 2022-2026 .

Foment recently demanded a “great institutional pact” and the “maximum complicity” of the organizations to facilitate the expansion of the Barcelona Airport and allow it to become an international ‘hub’ that promotes the reactivation of the Catalan economy.

A few weeks ago, after the riots that occurred due to the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, a business summit was already held at the Estació del Nord in Barcelona in which businessmen showed their discomfort and in which they demanded a strong Government “Let the economy prevail.

In 2007 there was a similar economic-business movement, on that occasion at the IESE business school, to demand autonomous management of the airport.

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