Prestigious universities offer free online options

SAN FRANCISCO – The new coronavirus definitively changed the way of learning for many who had to adopt virtual learning as a vehicle to continue their preparation for the closures generated by COVID-19. For this reason, learning platforms such as Coursera gained strength and expanded their range of courses and specializations, ranging from graphic design to specialties in branding or marketing.

Coursera offers US and international students the opportunity to obtain degrees and certifications from many prestigious universities within and outside the US, as well as world-renowned companies such as Google.

Recently, the platform launched “Learn without limits. Live with passion ”or“ Learn without limits. Live with passion ”as part of an agreement with Disney and Pixar on the eve of the launch of the new film ‘Soul’ and that seeks to inspire students within the United States to explore their artistic and creative interests for personal development. All the courses part of the agreement are free during the month of December.

Natalia Cordero is an international student who resides in San Francisco, one of the states with the highest number of coronavirus infections in the US, and who has been part of this program on previous occasions.

Cordero explains that during the closure of his study center, the City College of San Francisco, last May, he found in Coursera’s online courses a way out to cope with the confinement and a way to “advance his career.”

She says that she was part of the group of international students from El Salvador who, at the beginning of the pandemic, was “in limbo” and stranded in foreign lands because her country closed the borders and the university, where she is studying interior design, suspended the spring classroom classes.

“Since all this began, I took measures to reduce expenses and bear the confinement”, but without friends or close family to cope with the situation, it was difficult; It was there that while browsing the web, he came across Coursera and found the Making Architecture course certified by IE School of Architecture & Design.

His experience, which lasted almost three months, says it was very good, however, he is aware that, if he had been in his country, perhaps taking an online degree would not have been an option. “Here [USA] the internet connection is very good, I could download material and participate without problem, but before I tried to do something similar in El Salvador and it was not possible due to the speed of the network and because the access to a lot of content from other universities is not available for Latin American countries or is very expensive, “he explains.

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