The coronavirus crisis may be remembered as the tourism crash after the pandemic almost completely paralyzed mobility, with a generalized border closure and stranded planes, which meant the loss of 124,150 million euros in activity for the sector.

The expansion of vaccination, however, has reactivated travel and has led to the opening of tourist services . In order to take advantage of this wave to reactivate their economies , some communities have launched the so-called ‘tourist vouchers’ to encourage spending in their territories.

The subsidies , which in some cases reach 700 euros , are mainly aimed at Spaniards. In the months of July and August of last year, 4.9 million foreign tourists arrived in Spain , compared to 20 million who did so a year earlier. According to the Government, this summer the arrival of some 10 million international tourists is expected, but the sector relies more on national tourism .

The Exceltur tourist lobby foresees in the best scenario a summer season with a “powerful” recovery of Spanish tourists (only 10% lower than in 2019) and a partial number of foreigners (51% lower than that year), which would lead the sector to recover 66% of its activity from the prepandemic year.

Andalusia : your tourist voucherIt is intended for residents and holders of the Andalusian or Andalusian Abroad Card who want to travel around the community outside of their place of residence. They may contract a minimum of two nights in an accommodation that has the ‘Andalucía Segura’ badge through a travel agency or point of sale that also has this badge or, in the case of overnight stays of only two nights, directly with the establishment itself.

25% of the amount of the accommodation service will be credited to the current account, including, where appropriate, the breakfast service, with a maximum of 200 euros. The bonus will increase up to 50% in cases where the applicant has not had an obligation to declare personal income tax in 2019 or 2020 or has a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

50% of the bill will also be paid, with a maximum of 500 euros, in the case of stays of four or more nights in tourist accommodation establishments reserved exclusively through travel agencies by people over 65 and under 25 years. Applicants may be beneficiaries up to a maximum of three occasions.

Aragon : If applicable, any person residing in Spain of legal age and spending at least two nights in some of the establishments registered in the Aragon Tourism Registry and that are considered a tourist company can enjoy the voucher . The aid will consist of an amount equivalent to 40% of the invoice, including VAT, with a maximum of 300 euros.

The beneficiary person must pay the invoice minus the amount of the aid to a travel agency based in the community, to which the Aragonese Government will pay said aid.

Balearic Islands : The Balearic voucher is for residents and the subsidy consists of a discount of 100 euros per person for spending at least two nights in tourist accommodation located on an island other than the one they live in and hiring it through one of the participating travel agencies to the program.

Castilla-La Mancha : The beneficiaries of the discounts will be users who make stays in the hotel establishments of the community. The discounts are variable and, depending on what each beneficiary company stipulates, they can be up to 12 euros per room and night in hostels and one-star hotels, up to 20 euros per room and night in two and three-star hotels, and up to 30 euros per night in four and five star hotels. To do this, it will be necessary to book stays in the affiliated hotel accommodations or by booking stays in hotels in Castilla-La Mancha through the travel agencies that are affiliated with the program.

Castilla y León : It consists of a personal and non-transferable prepaid card , co-financed between the applicant and the Board, for use in tourist establishments and activities registered in the Tourism Registry of Castilla y León that adhere to it. It will be made available to tourists from September 15 to May 31, 2022, to promote the seasonal adjustment of tourism in the community.

The applicant will be able to choose between two types of the prepaid card (‘Enjoy’ card and ‘Enjoy Plus Agencies’ card), and between three amounts for each type (250, 500 or 700 euros).

Madrid : Its tourist vouchers have discounts of up to 50% and 600 euros per person, aimed at non-resident Spaniards in the community who choose hotel accommodations or travel agencies in the region. Tourists will be able to obtain discounts on nights of tourist accommodation (from one night on), as well as on other services related to food, health and well-being, guided tours, tourist and sports activities. Each person may request a voucher per month, during the validity of the program, and will have a period of 10 days from the download of the voucher to redeem it.

Valencian Community : Your voucher benefits those of legal age registered in the region. To request assistance, a reservation must be made in tourist accommodation establishments or travel agencies that are part of the program. The minimum stay will be 2 consecutive nights in the same accommodation.

It will also be used to finance other services, such as maintenance (maximum half board) and other services provided with the establishment’s own means (health and wellness, sports services, excursions and entertainment activities, or parking).

Extremadura : The community offers discounts of between 50% and 75% on tourist services. The deadline to request them, however, ended on March 31 in Badajoz. In Cáceres, on the other hand, they can be requested until next Monday, May 31.

Galicia : For residents. The Tourist Card is a purse card that will be charged at the financial institution that will collaborate with the Xunta de Galicia in the implementation of the program. Galicia Tourism will contribute 60% of the cost of the voucher while the beneficiary citizen must contribute the remaining 40%.

There are three variants: € 500 card (€ 300 for the Xunta and € 200 for the individual), € 375 card (€ 225 and 150, respectively) and € 250 card (€ 150 and € 100, respectively).

Basque Country : Discounts of five, 10 or 20 euros for purchases of 20, 40 and 60 euros in hotels, restaurants, activities of tourist interest and accommodation adhered to the program from April 13 to December 31, 2021.

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