Heating up engines for the protest event in which some 200 economic and social entities and organizations will defend the need to undertake the expansion works of the Josep Tarradellas airport in Barcelona on Wednesday at Esade .

The joint manifesto, which arose after the Barcelona City Council opposed the works with the votes of the ‘Comuns’ and ERC, considers this work “urgent” and “essential” because it is not only the consolidation of a tourist destination, but also because economic activity generating employment, attraction and retention of talent and international investment ” .

At the same time that they urge to carry out this investment of 1,700 million foreseen by Aena for an already planned satellite terminal and the extension of one of the runways , the organizations demand consensus between the administrations and associations involved and a “solution that improves the initial economic and environmental situation “and with a ” zero kilometer “management.

Environmental compensation
“The signatory entities of this manifesto, claim the agreement between Aena, the Generalitat, the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona, ​​and the City Councils of Barcelona, ​​El Prat, Gavà, Viladecans, Sant Boi (and the rest of the affected City Councils), to send to the European institutions a clear and forceful message of consensus in relation to the public interest that justifies the enlargement, and the environmental compensation measures that must be adopted; to facilitate their execution; and the quickest obtaining of the derived positive economic and social returns of the same “, adds the text.

Foment del Terball has joined Pimec, the Cercle d’Economia, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Barcelona Tech City, Mobile World Capital, the Equestrian Circle, the RACC, Esade, UFEC , UPM , Barcelona Global, Barcelona Oberta , Gremi de Restauradores, among others to this act that will emulate the one that a few weeks ago, after the riots that occurred due to the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, was carried out at the Estació del Nord in Barcelona in which the businessmen showed their discomfort and in the one that demanded a “strong” Government to prioritize the economy.

You will also remember the one that in 2007 executives and businessmen at IESE staged to claimautonomous management of the airport .

Capacity, to the limit
The organizers of the event warn that, despite the stoppage caused by the coronavirus crisis, “which seems to be coming to an end”, the airport “is running out of capacity.” In 2019 it reached almost 53 million travelers, which is why it approached its maximum capacity of 55 million.

Only with these works, the infrastructure will acquire the appropriate dimension to be an ‘international hub “, they warn. Now, they affirm, it is necessary to make the installation” contribute to the economic recovery of Catalonia and its growth “.

The manifesto insists that, given the chronic investment deficit denounced by civil society, “it is not possible to renounce” these works in an infrastructure that contributes 7% to the gross domestic product (GDP) and that, with the expansion, it would at 9%.

And they demand Aena’s commitment that the works involve “not only the restoration era, but the compensation of the affected natural areas in a ratio of one to 10, as well as the creation of a new natural area of ​​the Llobregat Delta with an extension of the protected area exceeds the current 25% “(…). In a ceremony last Thursday at Esade, the president of Aena, Maurici Lucena , agreed to prioritize the environmental aspect.

They also demand a reform “fully reconcilable” with the Port of Barcelona so that there is “a development of both infrastructures that are relevant” and that Aena maintains its commitment to the future with the airports of Girona-Costa Brava and Reus , with its own activity and as complementary to that of Barcelona.

The entities warn that “the cost of opportunity and image of not carrying out this investment would be very high for the economy of Catalonia”, because ” competitiveness , on the one hand, and connectivity in an increasingly global world , would be lost. the other”.

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