Mobilization for the direct award of water to the public company Giacsa. The Consortium for the Integral Management of Waters of Catalonia (Congiac) celebrates this Monday an act in defense of the system of awarding services directly to the public company Giacsa .

Sheep transhumance day in Olost (Osona) to claim the right of passage for the herds.

The TSJC invalidates the direct award of some works in Olost to the public company Giacsa
The call is made by the Association of Municipalities and Entities for Public Water ( AMAP) and despite the fact that the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has warned that it is a fraud of the law . The TSJC considers that this award is contrary to law and violates the principle of free competition in public procurement.

A sentence questions the public management of water in Collbató

The Congiac is a public entity that brings together 25 municipalities for the management of the water cycle through the public company Giacsa. This company is made up of the consortium itself and the public water companies of the municipalities that created the Congiac: Aigües de Manresa, Aigües de Mataró, Aigües del Prat, Reus Serveis Municipals and Aigües de Vilafranca . Thus, the TSJC rules that it is not legal to award a service to Giacsa through the Congiac because “it cannot be considered a means of the city council.”

Reported system
This award system has also been questioned by the Chamber of Concessionaires of Infrastructure, Equipment and Public Services (CCIE), which has reported it to the Catalan Competition Authority (ACCO).

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