IKEA already has its furniture rental business available in Spain aimed at businesses, companies and the self-employed and it does so with the idea of ​​continuing to influence its idea of ​​promoting the circular economy. With this new service, it aims to reach 30 markets and one million customers by 2030.

The concept was already underway in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland, focused on renting & leasing furniture and decorative objects for IKEA Business clients, and the company of Swedish origin considers that the launch of this new service in Spain it is one more step towards the sustainability and circularity of the economy.

IKEA RENTAL is available in all centers in Spain with two options , a modality in which the client pays a fixed monthly fee and at the end of the contract acquires ownership of the products by paying an extra fee and another, flexible one, which It allows the client to decide at the end of the agreement whether or not to acquire the furniture and decorative objects. The objective of this second formula is to give a second life to the furniture.

The new service will be, in general terms, available for all the products in the assortment although with some exceptions for hygiene and installation reasons and it continues to offer planning by the experts of the Swedish house as well as transport or assembly.

Although the entry into the rental business is focused on companies, IKEA has also started to collaborate with Rentchester, a platform for renting furniture to individuals that works as a subscription and that also facilitates giving a second life to home furniture.

It should be remembered that within its circular economy and sustainability strategy with which it aspires to become a fully circular company this decade, IKEA has already launched Green Friday, for which it repurchased more than 300,000 furniture from its customers and that the Last year it gave a second life to 47 million pieces of furniture.

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