April 10, 2021

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López Obrador Proposes Zero Immunity To Foreign Agents in Reform

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López Obrador proposes zero immunity to foreign

The initiative to reform the National Security Law sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposes that there be no immunity for foreign agents operating in the country in case they commit a crime, said Senator Ricardo Monreal.

The legislator published a 10-point summary of the document that the president sent to the Senate on Friday. This movement occurs after the arrest and subsequent release in the United States of General Salvador Cienfuegos, former Secretary of National Defense, who was indicted on drug trafficking and money laundering charges.

According to the senator, the president proposes these changes to the National Security Law.

1. Regulate liaison activities for the exchange of information with Mexican authorities carried out by foreign agents within the framework of the bilateral cooperation agreements and programs signed by the Mexican State on security matters.

2. Establish the definition of foreign agents, in order to specify that they are foreign civil servants who, in their countries of origin, carry out police, inspection or law supervision functions.

3. To point out that the foreign embassies and missions accredited in Mexico must inform through the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) the facts of which they are aware in the performance of the functions derived from the bilateral cooperation agreements and programs signed by the State. Mexican in matters of security, and that they contribute to preserve national security.

4. Establish that foreign agents may be authorized to temporarily enter national territory for the exchange of information, within the framework of the bilateral cooperation agreements and programs signed by the State in matters of security.

5. Regulate that the public servants of the federative entities, the municipalities and the territorial demarcations of Mexico City must submit a written report to the SRE and the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), within the three days following the holding of any meeting, exchange of information, telephone calls or communications held with foreign agents.

6. Limit the performance of foreign agents only to the development of liaison activities for the exchange of information with Mexican authorities, in terms of the provisions of the accreditation that had been issued in their favor.

7. Establish the obligation of foreign agents to inform the Mexican authorities of the information they gather in the exercise of their functions, through the SRE, and to present a monthly report to the SRE and SSPC in the matters relating to bilateral cooperation agreements.

8. It is proposed that foreign agents do not have any immunity in case of committing crimes or infractions or for violating the regulatory provisions that prohibit foreign persons from exercising functions reserved for Mexican authorities.

9. Establish a High Level Security Group, as an auxiliary organ of the National Security Council.

10. Establish an Operational Coordination Group, as an auxiliary body of the National Security Council, in charge of coordinating and supervising the execution of the cooperation agreements, programs, actions or agreements signed by the Mexican State in matters of security.

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