Nuevo León will close shopping malls on weekends

Due to the increase in the number of infections , the Nuevo León Health Secretariat announced the closure of shops on weekends, in addition to restricting the sale of beer. This measure includes shopping centers, except establishments that sell essential products and restaurants , although the latter only have home delivery services.

The businesses that may continue to open are pharmacies (whose main business is the sale of drugs , not those that are within self-service or department stores); convenience and grocery stores whose main activity is the sale of food; funeral and medical services; private security services; fuel stations and bank branches, except those that operate within the department store.

The new measures will take effect from the first minute of Saturday, December 5, and will end on Monday, December 21 at 5:00 a.m., subject to change depending on the registered infections. Within these restrictions, the authorities will ask convenience and self-service stores not to sell beer since the warehouses will be closed on weekends.

Roberto Russildi, Secretary of Economy and Labor, said that these transactions will see their activity restricted on weekends: call centers, casinos, social, commercial and professional event centers, hardware stores, hardware stores and tlapalerías, shopping centers and squares and shops in general.

In addition to cyclists, cinemas and drive-ins, circus sports clubs, ATVs and razers, aesthetic exhibitions, gyms, customer service centers, toy stores, laundries, sports leagues, mobile markets, home improvement and building materials retailers, furniture stores, museums and public and private parks.

Also rent of villas, restaurants, tattoo parlors, event rooms, spa, theaters, department stores and dry cleaners. They will remain closed : bars and canteens, billiards, horse races, clubs and nightclubs, public pools, stadiums, nurseries, face-to-face classes and children’s party rooms.

In addition to concerts and festivals, bowling, wrestling and boxing, sporting matches, pilgrimages, kermeses, patron saint festivities, drive thru celebrations and corporate and institutional posadas.

Those who can operate from Monday to Friday, mostly must do so respecting a 30 percent capacity and with a schedule from 05:00 to 22:00. Manuel de la O Cavazos, secretary of state Health, stressed that the epidemiological traffic light once again climbed from three to four red indicators, at maximum risk.

These are: the average number of new cases, the comparison of pneumonia, the percentage of positive tests and the average number of deaths from Covid. In orange, with the risk of turning red, the occupation of beds for patients and Covid intensive care beds is maintained.

“We have an important sector of the population that has ignored the precautions that must be exercised, this situation forces us to apply measures aimed at reducing the rate of infections, not because the sectors that we are going to restrict are doing wrong, not because they have done wrong their activity, but because the people who use those activities do not take care of themselves.

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