Sonnar, the app with which you can connect with your favorite artist

Connecting with your favorite artist or band generally requires having tickets to their concert, arriving early at the venue and waiting for a long time for their appearance on stage; However, Sonnar came to Latin America to give a 180 degree turn to the hiring of artists .

Alan Duclaud , CEO of Sonnar, is convinced that digital booking represents an interesting opportunity for music, this because the negotiations to reach an artist “are the same as 60 years ago, so the service is more expensive and complicates the hiring of musicians “, a process that Sonnar seeks to redesign.

Although social networks such as Facebook , Instagram and TikTok have worked for singers to connect via streaming with their audience, this does not represent a business for them, this reason motivated the Sonnar team to “build a platform that works by geolocation , it allows you to find the right musician just a click away and streamline processes that are torturous when hiring. ”

In addition to this, the coronavirus ‘turned off the lights’ of the entertainment industry. Income from services related to cultural and sports recreation registered a 5.89 percent annual drop in August, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

A solution for the music industry?
While the industry had to reinvent itself to make presentations via streaming in the era of the ‘new normal’, Duclaud comments that “the platform has fallen like a glove for festivals to generate digital calls. We are digitizing the industry so that there are more live music in more places. ”

Sonnar not only opens a window to events of great magnitude but also offers the possibility of hiring a musician for a private event. “The question always arises: where am I going to get a quality DJ? The idea is that you find him here.” The use of the application is intuitive and works very similar to a social network, users choose the type of profile according to what they are looking for: fans , musicians and agents .

In addition, it has a recommendation system to issue ratings in order to generate an organic community around the music, and to know that the artist is endorsed by others. “We are working on an algorithm to recommend musicians according to your tastes, there is much to do,” said Duclaud.

The creators of the application comment that the main challenge is that musicians are not completely used to self-manage their work after this app showed that artists could get in direct contact with their fans.

The founders of this project are Alan Duclaud, Raúl Márquez and Jose Antonio Torres . In addition, it has the participation of Adrián Peregrino, who was Country Head of Sales at Spotify Mexico for four years, and Marcelo Lara Guerrero , an expert in management and entrepreneurship.

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