The mother of the lamb, which is the lamb, the one who got involved last night as a saint of the old debate on the responsibility of horns between single and married. Pavón, who has a girlfriend, hooked up with Samira, who is single . Who did most of the people go against? Against Samira. Touch the wrinkled earrings of love.

JJV wore the ugliest jacket in television history last night. That jacket is what happens when you have an orgy with a leopard, a zebra and a chameleon and the baby that is born you skin it with little touch and sew a jacket while you play in the dark.

Do you know when you leave clothes on a chair and at night it scares you because it looks like a person? Well, that jacket is scary with the light on.

Lara was very pretty, wearing a white suit that is the same for going to a party in Paris or for a raid on an enemy camp in Siberia. Lara gets into the snow and can’t find her or the Yeti.

“The doctor saw me and thanks to him I was able to sleep a little and eat, because I couldn’t,” said Pavón. Did you give him pills? No, he hugged him. The doctor at La Casa Fuerte is a Teletubbie. He did the MIR and a master called Sana Sana, Culito de Rana , If It Doesn’t Cure Today, It Will Cure Tomorrow .

We saw images of Pavón with great sorrow. Boabdil el Chico was happier the day Granada lost than Pavón the day he lost his flower with Samira.

All agreed that the culprit was Samira, as if Pavón’s penis had nothing to do with it. Pavón was doing his thing and suddenly he discovered that he was hooking up with Samira.


– But what neighbor Maruja, if I’m making croqu … shit, I’m fucking her!

And so.

But for example, Marta, who has put on horns that not even the one who drew Bambi’s father, complained about Samira’s little affectation. “I was shocked that he was crushed and she was so cold and concerned about her beauty,” said Marta. Toni insisted: “I was worried about whether or not there was a parade,” he said.

” I was the one who screwed up ,” said Pavón, and it’s the truth and knowing it and saying it is a mitigating factor.

“Now all of Spain is going to hate me , ” said Samira. No, woman, not all of Spain, at most those who see La Casa Fuerte. And I say, what is the saint of Samira the bad so that Spain hates her? Positions to hate, which I think is not necessary, shouldn’t we hate Pavón, who has a partner?

” I really feel very bad … we haven’t done anything in seven weeks and it’s all over because of half an hour,” Samira said in a video. Well, that half an hour is a saying, because it gave the feeling that the shower powder lasted what dentists recommend brushing last: 2 to 3 minutes.

” It bothers me that for a shit he is fucking life, ” Samira said crying. Fuck, what a bad fuck if they call it shit. Let’s see, of course, that you throw the follisque of your life, that you applaud when Nacho Vidal finishes and there is a bus of Japanese taking pictures and of course, maybe there it is worth screwing your life and that of your cousin.

” Although it may not seem like it, there are people who prefer not to show that they are screwed, ” Samira apologized. Samira is interrogated by the Inquisition and the friars go crazy because they torture her and she doesn’t even gesture.

– Most Reverend Torquemada, we have tortured Samira with everything!

– And what did he say?

– You asked how your makeup is.

And so.

The fact is that Aurah, who thought this would serve to sink her arch enemy Samira into shit, saw how the two began to emerge unscathed. “Well, nothing, a round of applause for Samira and Pavón for how well they have done,” she complained, indignant as a lady caught sneaking into the bread line.

And JJV intervened and hears, very successful, that everything has to be said. “If something like this happened to me, the last thing I would want would be to have a partner like you . ” FUCK WHAT ZASCA. The mother of all zascas.

“Can you understand reality contestants that sometimes people don’t act out of strategy?” JJV asked. Well, look, JJV, no, because if you bring people who are in their third or fourth reality show, it is most likely that they already think that they live in reality land and that everything is strategy.

Pavón said that he had had support and comfort. ” Many colleagues have supported me, Marta gave me a hug that … ” I almost fucked her. Oh no, he said it “touched his heart.” Of course, with Pavón you go from friendship to having him fuck you in no time. In the institute nobody gave him a sandwich in case he came upstairs and ended up riding them in the middle of the patio.

Samira was not comforted, apparently. Good grief, what a house, if they have firewood and a wooden cross, they will burn Samira. “They are whipping me, as if they came from the Carmelites, that this is not a convent,” said Samira, who puts everything in a diminutive. It’s like Ned Flanders but with more boobs.

“Toni stayed with me after Big Brother ,” Samira said and by then Toni was with Makoke. My God, what a fuck is this on TV, everyone with everyone. These people fuck more than those of Physics or Chemistry on a weekend in a rural house. You leave 200 rabbits and 200 rabbits in a room with a trough full of viagra and they fuck less.

Pavón intervened, getting more and more pissed off like a boiler with the steam outlet closed. “I screwed up, screwed up, whoever is free from sin, let him throw the first stone, let’s see if we are now saints, I have asked for forgiveness, what I don’t think is good is that firewood is made from the fallen tree,” he said, climbing the tone that seemed like a soprano stepping on a thumbtack.

“Aurah took it upon herself all Saturday to martyr me , to poison all the inhabitants of the house one by one, because her husband, her boyfriend or whatever cheated on her. You’re traumatized, go to a psychologist. Liar. If you’ve been cheated on, it’s your problem, not mine, ”Pavón said to Aurah, who had the dark cloud-looking aura of acid rain.

“You became famous for being with Kiko Rivera !!” , contributed Samira. I’ve seen ships of the line firing line to gunneck and it was a little more subtle than what these people did last night. What a way to get shit off, they were like someone else’s laxatives.

Aurah defended herself: “Do I comment on The Prairie House or the Strong House?” Shutting up is not an option, say yes, Aurah.

“That I didn’t sleep all night to listen to you,” Aurah complained. But let’s see, where did we meet, was it half an hour or all night? Let’s see if Pavón is now like a pumping machine, which can be shrinking in the drain for hours and hours. And Samira, hey, what a machine, it has more resistance to friction than the piston of a Ferrari.

“AURAH IS BELIEVED TO BE THE SANTA PALOMA ,” Pavón said. Yes, Aurah looks in a mirror and retouches the golden halo around her head. Gabriel did the annunciation because Aurah couldn’t that day.

Mahi and Rafa intervened and put a bit of sanity. “They are not the first to have partied and made a mistake. I am left with the attitude of both, I know that Pavón loves his girlfriend and is sorry. Neither of them is enjoying it nor do I think they have looked for it, ”said Rafa, who became serious. There are two things that happen every 75 years, Halley’s Comet and Rafa being serious.

“ The importance will have to be given by Pavón and his girlfriend, not us,” Mahi added, dressed as always with discretion and minimalism. Could I make an owl blind? Yes, but discreet.

“This going drunk and not remembering is not the first time that happens , we must not give it more importance,” he said. Amen.

But to the one she said that to, Aurah and Toni were freaking out. And Samira felt half bad. “STOP LAUGHING, YOU BASTARDS, YOU ARE VERY DIRTY !!” Samira said and left the set crying. Ah, well it made him feel bad.

“For people to be that evil, cursed, dirty … since they are not my friends, I am not going to cry with them, I am going to cry with whom I have to cry,” explained Samira as to why they, the damned, do not know I had seen them cry. Seeing her cry is weird. Unicorn tears heal humans. Samira’s tears heal unicorns.

Aurah was so pissed off that she ended up squandering herself: “AH, AND THE CAMERA, LET YOU KNOW, I NOTIFIED IT,” Aurah said, and she did it because “they woke me up screaming.” The same wanted to say moaning. But no, the same jimear means something in Aurandés.

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