Defiant Zuma refuses to resign


PRESIDENT JACOB ZUMA told the SABC on Wednesday that he will not resign, adding that he has never defied the leadership of the ANC and this “will be the first time”

He did say he was open to further discussion and that if Parliament removed him, he would be out.

Zuma said he had done nothing wrong and “no one has ever provided the reasons” for him to go.

“I found it in a sense very unfair to me that this issue has been raised all the time. I need to be furnished with what I have done … there are processes in the ANC like disciplinary processes.

During the interview he also asked why there was such a rush. “What is the rush? I’ve been asking this all the time.”

He added that he was being victimised by the ANC.

“I am being victimised here,” Zuma said after he went into detail as to what the discussions were between him, Ramaphosa and the ANC leadership.

Zuma said it was the first time he felt the leadership of the ANC was unfair.

“I’m not defying. I said I don’t agree with the decision. There is the wrong narrative being given out there.”

Zuma told the broadcaster that he met the top six but they had not told him what he had done wrong.

He also said there was no problem and no crisis over two centres of power, in a strong indication that he was not going to resign.

“It is a period very short wherein the other one is finishing … it is a very clear kind of thing.

“If you say finishing five years is two centres of power … it is very immature politics.”

He also warned of violence due to discussions of his removal.

He added that he was one who spoke out against former president Thabo Mbeki’s recall because it was setting a “bad precedent” but he was defeated by the “majority” in the NEC.

Zuma also warned that his removal would cause a crisis.

“Some people may not like this…. There will be problems.

“If leadership of the ANC is not careful they can even cause bigger problems,” Zuma said.

He also warned of violence due to the discussions about his removal. He told the SABC he was shown a clip of the “clashes between ANC members” outside Luthuli House.

He said the matter of his removal was dividing the party.

ANC members clashed with Black First Land First outside Luthuli House last week but Zuma had described it as a fight between ANC members.

National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete has agreed to reschedule the EFF’s motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma for Thursday afternoon
He added that the violence was the reason he took a decision to postpone the state of the nation address.

“It’s at that point that I felt the state of the nation address was putting pressure here,” he said

The interview took place after the ANC in Parliament announced it is set to go ahead with a motion of no confidence in Zuma on Thursday and after he was recalled by the ANC’s national executive committee (NEC).

Zuma said he would make a statement later on Wednesday.

The ANC on Wednesday said it had noted what Zuma said in his exclusive interview where he claimed he was being victimised.

“President Zuma has affirmed that he has not defied the ANC, however, the party does not agree with the decision,” the party said in a statement.

“In addition, President Zuma committed to deliver a statement in response to this decision later today.”

The ANC said it would wait for him to deliver his response.

Source: Business Day Live