Kitwe thugs make off with K1,500 worth B-flow pair of shoes

Zambia’s renowned music artist, Brian Bwembya Kasoka AKA B-flow on Saturday lost his shoe during the keep Zambia Clean, Healthy and Green campaign at kitwe’s target local trading place, Chisokone market. The campaign was characterized by a match past, picking up of litter and well as cleaning up all dumb sites from Chisokone market to Nakadoli Market.
In an exclusive interview today with Zambian Business Times – ZBT, B-Flow narrated that he had traveled from the capital city Lusaka to Zambia’s second largest City, Kitwe in the company of  three other champions or ambassadors’ of the campaign who were namely Dj Rocks, Dj Flava and Chitalu Mwanza from Hot FM. The trio were in the company of other parties together with Government officials who included Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale and Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kangombe. 
He narrated that a crowd of his funs started mobbing him and grew bigger as they continued to cheer him (B-Flow) on. “As we kept on moving  or matching, the crowd of cheering funs continued to grow bigger and bigger, then I felt someone step on the heel of my shoe and when I looked down I realized my shoe had disappeared so I was advised to take the other one off too” he said.
He said when a government official told them to keep a distance from him. They refused and said back to them that “you just don’t want us to talk to him”. He further said that the stolen shoe costed him US$150 which is about K1,500 in local currency. He said he bought the said “original timberland boots” shoes in Hollywood last year when he went to perform at the Jobi Theatre. And knowing it was a cleaning campaign he thought the strong closed boots will be best to use.
B-flow could not tell whether that incident was just an isolated accident, if it was just planned or its was just the excitement of his fans, but he recalls some guys being so rude and pocky, either ways he looks it as a “laughable” scenario which does not affect him in any ways.
Despite all that happened, B-flow still pledges to offer his ‘musical brand’ to the people of the Copperbelt and Zambia and use his influence to be able to bring about what ‘we are advocating for’ which is good hygiene in the country.

Zambia’s second largest city Kitwe, has of late been associated with notorious gang activity with the reports on innocent citizens and residents being intimidated, attacked and robbed. Some of the youthful gangs that have gotten national attention include Sons of the Devil – SOD, Toyota Boys and 50 Niggaz.

Kitwe has the second highest population at city level in Zambia and many reports point to the raising levels of unemployment in Zambia as the main cause of the increase in criminal activities. The youthful population needs to be well managed to ensure that the majority are engaged in gainful economic activities as opposed to living an idle life that eventually leads to a life of crime and other social vices.