RDA to introduce Weigh-in motion technology at toll plaza’s

Toll station under construction

The Road Development Agency – RDA Chief Executive Director Elias Mwape says the agency will introduce Weigh-In-Motion technology at all toll plazas across the country.

The RDA director was speaking during the official opening of the consultative workshop on the proposed increase and splitting of the abnormal load inspection and escort fee attended by the Zambian Business Times – ZBT.

Mwape notes that the introduction of the Weigh-In-Motion technology is aimed at protecting major road networks from premature damage. He adds that RDA wants transporters to adhere to the provisions of the public road maximum weight of vehicles as per regulations.

The director says the initiative will help curb corruption in an event that transporters underpay the required maximum weights and dimensions of vehicles permissible for transmission on public roads at the weigh-bridge.

Mwape has also revealed that the agency is migrating all weigh bridges to multi deck platforms, with the Kafue and Kapiri Mposhi weigh bridges having been migrated already.

“The agency will endeavor to provide world class road network that supports socio-economic growth in Zambia. RDA will continue implementing measures aimed at protecting major road networks that are key to the country’s economic development from premature damage,” he said

Meanwhile Mwape says there is need for revising the K4,075 inspection and escort fee. “The amount was introduced in 2007 and has since become inadequate to meet the goal for which it was formulated, I urged participants at this one day workshop to come up with a suitable fee for both transporters and the RDA,” he said

Zambia has embarked on an ambitious Link Zambia 8,000 kilometers bituminous standard roads project that are expected to link all the 10 provinces of Zambia as well as provide trade routes to all the eight neighboring countries to Zambia via road. The project has been followed up with the set up pf toll plaza’s to raise funds for road maintenance and rehabilitation.