In this new course, Barcelona business schools, such as TBS in Barcelona, ​​claim to be one of the mainstays of economic recovery, asserting their ability to attract international talent and wealth. “The education industry in Barcelona is not perceived as a generator of net economic wealth,” declares Margarita Servera, head of Admissions and Development at TBS in Barcelona.

“We believe that even with the quality offered by the city and the push that the education sector has, and with Barcelona being the preferred destination for tens of thousands of people who come to live to study, there is a lack of state-of-the-art infrastructures that are dedicated to attracting the talent and the management of this “, says Servera.

Servera is not alone in this assertion, since the conversion of Barcelona as an effective Global Hub in the field of education has been demanded by a part of civil society, such as the Barcelona Global group, which, always attentive to the opportunities that provides this sector for the city, published at the beginning of the year the report entitled ‘The challenge of positioning Barcelona as a destination for international university and postgraduate students’.

Barcelona and its potential as an international educational hub
The report written by Barcelona Global was supervised by leading figures from the Catalan economic and university field, such as the UB Professor of Economics and the Conseller d’Economia between 2010 and 2016 Andreu Mas-Colell, the businesswoman Aurora Catà or the director of the Graduate UPF Teresa Garcia-Milà School of Barcelona, ​​and consists of an exhaustive analysis of the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats to make the City a hub for education worldwide.

As strengths, the Barcelona Global report explains that the city is in the European top 10 for future international students, occupying the seventh position, and in the 21st position worldwide according to the QS Best Student Cities. In addition, it also has a metropolitan area “with a powerful research base and excellent, highly internationalized masters and doctorates”, where “the fields of biomedicine, physics, economics and business schools stand out.”

According to the report, Barcelona also has “a very competitive cost structure” and “an important service infrastructure for leisure tourism”, both considered as “positive externalities for attracting international students”.

Even so, Barcelona Global also calls for changes from the administration, as it is an important change in the university system, and in immigration policy to be able to train talent and give it a place in our society. The creation of a Liberal Arts school is also proposed, the promotion of first level professional training, taking the initiative to create a campus for the “Universitas Europaeas” project, of which UAB, UPF, UB and UPC are part,

The international student contributes 1.27 euros extra for every euro spent on a course
The arrival of international students has a very positive economic impact for our country. According to the report by ICEX and the EDUESPAÑA association entitled ‘The Economic Impact of International Students in Spain’, in the academic year 2018-19 foreign students from Spanish educational centers had a global economic impact in Spain of 3,795,740,732 euros.

Likewise, the study also states that the multiplier effect of student spending is 2.27 , which means that for every euro that they invested in their academic program, they also made an extra expense of 1.27 euros. In the same way, the report also indicates that the highest economic impact per student was that of master’s degree students, followed by undergraduate students: “These two categories represent 15% of the international student population and, however, add up to the 65% of the economic impact of the Spanish export of educational services “, they explain from the ICEX.

ICEX also makes an optimistic observation: “These findings place universities and professional graduate schools at the forefront of the industry.” Having been done just before the pandemic, they emphasize the importance of using the results as a basis for predicting post-Covid recovery.

September 13: TBS classes begin in Barcelona
“After two complicated academic courses, this new course begins with the hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to being in one of the countries where there is more penetration of the vaccine”, declares Margarita Servera, Head of Admissions and Development of TBS in Barcelona.

Without going any further, next Monday the TBS Master in Management classes will begin in Barcelona . “Even with the vaccination, we are aware that the coming months will not be easy. At TBS in Barcelona we are going to bet on being present with the maximum capacity in our facilities, but offering the possibility of attending classes remotely”, he says Servera.

In this way, TBS in Barcelona plans for this to be the last course to take place at the Calle Trafalgar campus and to start the 2022-23 academic year at the new 22 @ campus, which is scheduled to open in September next year. .

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