There is less and less for the General State Budgets of 2022 (PGE) to pass their first examination and for now, after the deadline to present the amendments in full, PP , Vox and Citizens have already officially rejected the public accounts of the next year .

Unlike government partners such as ERC, PNV or Bildu, who have paved the way for the project by not submitting amendments, the parties on the right see ample reasons to amend the project that guarantees the survival of the coalition government for the remainder legislature.

The governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernández de Cos, warned this morning that the body he directs anticipates “a significant downward revision” of the economic growth forecast for this year.

PP and Vox amend the PGE because, in their opinion, they will lead this country to “ruin” , while Ciudadanos, which did not amend the 2021 budgets – 7 other formations did (PP, VOX, JxCAT, Coalición Canaria (CC ), Asturias Forum, BNG and the CUP) – and he opened to negotiate them with the Government, he thinks they are “useless for Spain”.

The three forces agree that the state accounts are based on false macroeconomic indicators, after in recent weeks the IMF, Airef and the governor of the Bank of Spainhave downgraded their forecasts. For Casado, this is proof that budgets are “dead paper” and, in the words of Inés Arrimadas, it is the definitive proof that they are based on “absolutely fictitious” growth forecasts.

Tax increase
The tax issue opens the first gap. The rejection of the Government’s project is unanimous on this matter. Casado points out that the problem lies in the methodology used by the Executive to draw up the accounts: “The Government makes the budgets the other way around. First it sees how many expenses it has to have to buy votes and then, with hammer blows, it tries to square and lie about the income. “, he explained a few days ago in Cope.

For Espinosa de los Monteros , spokesperson for Vox in Congress, “Spaniards are tired in the face of all this paraphernalia” that causes “income to fall and their expenses to increase.” Arrimadas , leader of Ciudadanos, adds that the budgets “are a blow to taxes” that “crushes the middle class and raises the quota of self-employed.”

No to the repeal of the labor reform
The repeal of the labor reform has not been without controversy either. If it was already generating internal tensions in the Executive, the main opposition parties have multiplied their arguments in defense of the rule promoted by the Government of Mariano Rajoy in 2012 .

Casado does not miss an opportunity to praise a tool that, in his opinion, “allowed the creation of three million jobs or the ERTE network in the pandemic.” Arrimadas is more cautious, she thinks that “repealing the labor reform would be returning to the PSOE system, which was not solving anything either.”

The EU Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni.
The alternative? For the leader of the popular, it means “maintaining the labor reform” and even “making it more flexible” , as, under his interpretation, the head of the European Commission, Paolo Gentiloni, recommended this last week in Congress.

Along the same lines, from Ciudadanos they warn that Europe demands “a reform of the legislation that regulates the labor market forwards, not backwards.” In this area, Casado proposes the incorporation of “the Austrian backpack” , an old approach of Ciudadanos as an alternative or complement to pensions, which the Genoa leader would implement using the “10,000 million euros of new European funds”.

The pacts with Bildu and the liberation of the ETA prisoners
The words of Arnaldo Otegi on the tenth anniversary of the cease of arms of ETA, in which he was favorable to the continuity of the coalition government and linked the approval of budgets to a future release of prisoners from the terrorist gang, unleashed a real political storm.

From October 20 to this part, all the parties of the right, without exception, have criticized the relations of the Government of Pedro Sánchez with EH Bildu , a party that they continue to connect with ETA. The leaders of the three opposition formations believe that the ETA prisoners could be released by the Government in exchange for the Basque independence coalition supporting the budgets.

Along the same lines, Edmundo Bal, spokesman in the Congress of Cs, believes that the Government will repeat the “same scenario” that occurred with the prisoners of the procés. Juan de Dios Dávila, president of Vox in Guipúzcoa, affirms for his part that the “secret alliances” of the Government with Otegi will translate into “a torrent of liberation of ETA members previously close to Basque prisons.”

The ministries, the Alberto Rodríguez case …
The list of reproaches to the Government is almost endless. One of the points of contention – common among opposition formations – is the number of ministries that the current government has. Vox disapproves that next year’s Budgets increase “the items of [subsidies to] unions, the Ministry of Equality and the Ministry of Consumption” which, according to them, “attacks the primary sector.”

The PP formulates its criticism through the following questions: ” Why does this Government have 23 ministries? Why does it spend 100 million on advisers? Why the Ministry of Equality, which only serves to discuss among themselves PSOE ministries And from Podemos, does it have a budget of 500 million? “, said Casado.

We can denounce the “violation of rights” of Alberto Rodríguez in the Justice Commission of Congress
Rodríguez asks for the suspension of his sentence and accuses Batet of meddling
The reaction of Podemos to the conviction – and the withdrawal of the seat – of Alberto Rodríguez , who the Supreme Court imposed a month and a half in jail for attacking a policeman during a demonstration in 2014, has also enraged the position. Santiago Abascal demands that the deputy apologize for “the violence” against “the only workers in history,” in reference to the police.

In addition, the opposition has also charged hard against Ione Belarra , minister of United We Can, who questioned the ruling and came to speak of a case of “prevarication.” For Ciudadanos, this would be reason enough to disqualify her from her position, while Casado demands Sánchez to dismiss her, but thinks that she will not do so because she is “minister of her coalition partners.”

… and the cultural bonus
As if all the previous demands were not enough, the cultural bonus announced for 18-year-olds by the Government and included in the PGE, has also put the main opposition parties on a war footing.

Casado believes that it is a “Peronist measure ” that Sánchez uses to “buy votes” in the group that has recently accessed the right to vote and that he will use to acquire “comics and video games” at the cost of “frying his parents with taxes.” Similarly, more than half of voters across the political spectrum think that it is an electoral maneuver, as confirmed by the result of the poll that has taken 20 minutes in the last week .

On the other hand, PP and Vox, have been against the exclusion of bulls within the cultural services covered by the 400-euro voucher. And some voices within Ciudadanos have demanded the Executive that this decision be submitted to parliamentary debate.

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