The Berlin Police have opened an investigation against two officers who used the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust to do gymnastics exercises and videotaped each other while training.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
“The behavior of the agents is a lack of respect towards the monument and does not represent the police force,” said the head of the Police of the German capital, Barbara Slowik, after the popular daily BZ reported what happened.

According to this medium, the action took place on the weekend of last Pentecost (May 23). The policemen in question were on duty near the place where a demonstration was going to pass, in uniform and armed.

They apparently took advantage of a break to do some gymnastic exercises leaning on the concrete blocks of the monument, a gesture that supposedly they or a colleague recorded with a mobile phone.

The memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, the work of the American architect Peter Eisenman, was inaugurated in 2005 to pay tribute to the six million Jews killed by the Nazi regime.

It is made up of some 2,700 concrete blocks of varying heights and is located in the immediate vicinity of the iconic Brandenburg Gate.

Lady Mary Wortley Montague, by Charles Jervas, after 1716.
It is one of the busiest spots for visitors to the city and is conceived as an open space, with free access day and night.

Running between the blocks or jumping from one to another, as well as making noise and consuming alcohol is prohibited.

But its special open conception exposes it to vandalism or its use as a space for picnics or posing to take more or less touristy photos.

The German Police Union has harshly condemned the conduct of the officers under investigation, calling it “intolerant” and “inappropriate” for members of the security forces.

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