The President of the Republics proposal for the dissolution of Parliament was obtained this Wednesday following the lead in the State Budget for next year OE 2022

The Council of State gave a favorable opinion by majority to the proposal of His Excellency the President of the Republic to dissolve the Assembly of the Republic read the communiqué issued this Wednesday night already close to 2100 by the Presidency of the Republic

According to Expresso the assent was not unanimous only because the blocist Francisco Louçã and the communist Domingos Abrantes pronounced themselves against Both will have advocated that given the lead of OE 2022 the government should now present a new proposal At the meeting former President of the Republic Cavaco Silva defended that the legislative ones should be at the end of February which would give the PSD time to recompose itself.

Announcing the election date will now be the next step for the President of the Republic The decision should be revealed by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa tonight at 2000 in a communication to the country Most of the parliamentary parties suggested to him that it should be January 16th.

This meeting of the Council of State was the second of the day The first scheduled long before the budget crisis and at a time when the PR believed that the approval of the 2022 State Budget was guaranteed began at 220 pm with the presence of two special guests the president of the European Central Bank ECB Christine Lagarde and the governor of Banco de Portugal.

Rio has been speaking out against the holding of direct elections given the proximity of the legislative ones whose date has not yet been set but it has not yet been clarified whether it will go ahead with a new formal proposal for postponement

I stay in this party fighting for what I consider to be questions of legality and decency much more than the simple statutory right to be a candidate for a congress.

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