Finally, one of the key doubts regarding the vote for the fourth retirement of pension funds in the Senate was cleared up and Senator PS Carlos Montes announced his vote in favor of the idea of ​​legislating, not before –literally- “destroying” the project.

Montes assumed that he has been under pressure for his critical stance on this project, but indicated that “I have not been defeated by threats, insults and disqualifications.”

Then, he pointed out that “I am increasingly against the fourth withdrawal for fundamental reasons” in economic, political and cultural terms, but stressed that “reality has made me see the need to seek alternatives”, alluding to the dialogue between parliamentarians to present suggestions for improving the project in the particular discussion.

“Assuming the social anguish and also with a lot of pain, I have decided to vote in favor of the idea of ​​legislating the Fourth Retirement, making an act of confidence in the senators who have promised to change this project in particular in the debate,” he said.

Among the adjustments to the project, Senator Montes mentioned the commitment to establish that the door is closed for future withdrawals and to leave out those who earn more than $ 4 million per month. In addition, he made it clear that he is against the second advance to annuity pensioners.

The accusatory libel began to be defended this Monday at 10:30 a.m., when the PS deputy Jaime Naranjo -one of the figures of the day- began his extensive intervention, which lasted about 15 hours, where he fully read the constitutional accusation against the President and made a historical overview of the events described.

The move, in addition to disclosing the facts that Piñera is accused of, had another mission: in football terms, “to make time” for RD Giorgio Jackson to reach the Chamber once he finished his quarantine for being a contact narrow of the presidential candidate Gabriel Boric.

By Ritu R

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