Deputy Bia Kicis PSLDF president of the CCJC Committee on Constitution Justice and Citizenship said she is in favor of a bill under consideration by the collegiate that seeks to extend the exemption from payroll to 17 sectors of the savings by December 31 2026 However it calls for changes to the countrys tax system to make this incentive permanent.

This type of measure subsidy is a palliative The ideal is for us to have a tax reform so that the payroll is freed once and for all and so that the country has a lower cost in Brazil so that people can invest more calmly Today the Brazil cost is very high Hence these subsidies keep appearing But this is like a cane You need to let the people walk and not keep giving a cane said the deputy in an interview with R7 and Record TV.

The payroll exemption allows the taxpayer to choose to replace the incidence of the employers social security contribution on the payroll by the incidence on gross revenue Instead of the entrepreneur paying 20 on the employees payroll the tax can be calculated by applying a percentage of the companys gross revenue ranging from 1 to 45 according to the sector

The material benefits areas such as industry leather footwear apparel textile poultry pigs and derivatives etc services IT ICT call centers hotels design houses etc transport road freight air metrorail etc and construction.

On Wednesday 17 the CCJC will vote on the report by deputy Marcelo Freitas PSLMG on the PL The congressman wrote a text favorable to the matter and says that the proposed changes lead to changes in the cost structure of companies which will certainly impact the prices of goods and services helping to reduce inflation According to him with the project Brazil will have every incentive to grow expand employment opportunities and improve workers income.

Kicis believes the PL will be approved with ease I would work for the government to accept the proposal and the president Jair Bolsonaro is already quite favorable I think things are fine for walking The president was never against it but the economic team said it had no fiscal space In this case it was necessary to work to find this fiscal space commented the deputy.

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