Last Saturday 27 the crew of a Latam Airbus not only saw but also filmed an object of this type close to the aircrafts route at an altitude of 37 thousand feet more than 11 thousand meters, According to information from Aeroin the aircraft was flying over the Rio Doce Valley in Minas Gerais.

Thirty seven thousand feet and look what we just went through here a balloon says one of the pilots in an angry tone

To map the risk that balloons cause to Brazilian aviation the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents Cenipa maintains a database on the internet Through it anyone who sees a balloon on the aircraft route can communicate the fact to the agency.

Such presence of balloons sometimes leads to the mandatory performance that can be done in delicate stages of the flight such as landing and takeoff Onslaught is a safe process but if an evasive has to be performed at a very low height it can become dangerous In addition to the other damages that this entails flight delays unnecessary fuel consumption complications in air traffic among others

There are rules for the safe release of the unmanned free balloon formal name of the June balloon The Department of Airspace Control Decea follows the standards of the International Civil Aviation ICAO Basically there are three main rules to be followed the release must be informed.

Coordinated with Decea the artifact needs a stopflight mechanism if it leaves the reserved airspace and you need to carry a tracking mechanism with you Furthermore any presence of fire in the balloon is completely prohibited under environmental law There are already events created to preserve tradition in a responsible manner such as the Somos Arte Papel e Cola Sapec association held.

A brief analysis of this information according to data from the Brazilian Air Force FAB shows that balloons are more present in the airspace of the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro The ballooning tradition which intensifies in June festivals has frightened those who fly in these regions In some cases pilots need to make sudden evasive maneuvers give up on takeoff take off and even delay landing Situations that generate fear discomfort and inconvenience to passengers.

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