On Wednesday 8 the Senate approved the Houses replacement for the PL a bill that restores free propaganda by political parties on radio and television.

These are annual broadcasts to which all parties registered with the TSE Superior Electoral Court are entitled Party propaganda which was phased out in the 2017 electoral reform is not related to the electoral timetable The text goes to presidential approval.

The duration of these broadcasts depends on the performance of each party in the elections The text of the PL guarantees tax compensation to radio and TV stations.

The value will be calculated according to the average billing of the advertisers commercials between 730 pm and 1030 pm The compensation will be paid by the Party Fund which will have more funds .

During the vote several senators expressed opposition to the resumption of party propaganda which had been abolished in the 2017 electoral reform Senator Esperidião Amin PPSC recalled that in the first passage through the Senate PL 45722019 was approved of camouflage in a virtual session without a rollcall vote.

Among the changes approved in the two Legislative Houses there is a minimum allocation of the annual entries of the parties to promote and spread the political participation of women.

The original text of the Senate established a minimum participation of 50 however the substitute for the Chamber determines the minimum of 30 The substitute also includes banning content that incites violence the practice of acts that result in any type of racial gender or place of origin prejudice and the use of fake news.

As in 2017 it is prohibited to advertise candidates for elected positions or for strictly personal interests or for other political parties.

Parties that do not comply with these restrictions may suffer a cancellation of the time equivalent to two to five times that of the illicit insertion Radio and television broadcasters will have to broadcast nationally and statewide.

By Ritu R

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