Rapporteur of the PEC Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the Second Instance in the Chamber of Deputies federal deputy Fabio Trad PSDMS decided to withdraw this Wednesday 8 his discussion opinion after a maneuver that could result in the defeat of the proposal.

The report was presented in September of last year and underwent extensive discussions among members On the eve of voting on the text however parties replaced 17 deputies who were incumbent In total the committee has 34 members and the same number of alternates.

The action was seen as a ploy to overthrow the PEC as assessed by Trad According to him before the changes there was the amount of votes needed to approve the proposal After the groups formation changes the assessment was that the proposal could be overturned.

Left and central parties articulated the changes to try to overthrow the PEC already in the special commission Some of the deputies who ceased to be members of the collegiate were Rodrigo Coelho Podemos SC Gilberto Nascimento PSCSP Pastor Gil PLMA João Campos RepublicanosGO Lafayette de Andrade Republicanism Captain Alberto Neto Republicanism Arthur Oliveira Maia DEMBA Pedro Lupion DEMPR Daniel Trzeciak PSDBRS Mariana Carvalho PSDBRO Hildo Rocha MDBMA and Mauro Nazif PSBRO.

Among those who assumed a title position on the commission are Aluisio Mendes PSCMA Bosco Costa PLSE Isnaldo Bulhões Jr MDBAL Júnior Mano PLCE Gilberto Abramo Republicans MG Milton Vieira RepublicanosSP Cacá Leão PPBA Fausto Pinato PPSP Paulo Teixeira PTSP Fernando Coelho Filho DEMPE Ottaci Nascimento Solidarity RR and Paulo AbiAckel PSDBMG.

The PEC provides that the serving of sentence begins after the conviction in second instance This issue has already been the subject of judgments in the STF Supreme Federal Court which had decided for the arrest after the second instance but later defined that the arrest must take place.

The final and unappealable decision of a process With this understanding former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was released. During the special commission session Trad said he was baffled by the sudden change in the collegiate staff He stressed that he discussed with several deputies throughout.

The process including observations from several colleagues in order to have an opinion that would please the parliamentarians and that would consequently have the necessary votes One of the changes was that the effects of the PEC will only apply to lawsuits filed after the constitutional amendment enters into force and not retroactively as provided for in the initial text of the author of the matter Alex Manente CidadaniaSP.

Some of the parliamentarians who suggested the changes however were replaced Without discredit to those who came but out of respect for those who were replaced I ask for that time because I need a report that is debated at the level of this Parliament said Trad.

The deputy stressed that the new members are not well up to date on the PEC and would vote on a matter without any knowledge This instability of the framework does not favor the legislative process I will never vote for a PEC improvised he added.

There was an agreement under which there would be no obstruction or request for views to hinder the approval of the PEC on Wednesday and this was fulfilled But they didnt tell us they would have this entire replacement Trad.

Manente agreed with the attitude of the PEC rapporteur and said he was outraged with the change in the commissions members this process was built by several hands.

This PEC is not exclusive to the author or the rapporteur We carried out this process of referral to the special commission with great harmony.

The Trad listened to everyone at certain times even to expand the possibility of we have the approval But I do in fact get outraged when polling day comes and we cant have the members who debated vote on that process

Now Trad and the chairman of the committee Aliel Machado PSBPR are awaiting a decision by the president of the Chamber Arthur Lira PPAL on what will be done whether the proposal will be voted on next week or not Machado also points out that there were enough votes to approve the PEC.

By Ritu R

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