About three in 10 consumers 30 who intend to give gifts at Christmas this year have overdue bills and twothirds 672 have their name dirty The value corresponds to an increase of 16 percentage points compared to last year

The data were presented by a survey carried out by the CNDL National Confederation of Shopkeepers and by the SPC Brasil Credit Protection Service in partnership with Offer Wise

The survey also shows that 27 of those who must buy Christmas gifts usually spend more than they can Of these 7 plan to not pay a bill to purchase gifts 8 to be able to participate in Christmas celebrations and 6 in New Year celebrations

According to the interviewees the main bills that will not be paid to buy Christmas presents or participate in the holiday season are cable TV 24 credit card 20 the internet 20 car or motorcycle financing 13 and water and electricity bills 11

For the president of CNDL José César da Costa it is important to resist excessive consumption to avoid entering next year with more debt The recommended thing is not to buy on impulse and plan expenses according to the budget always the settlement of bills he advises.

The beginning of the year is always a time of extra expenses such as taxes and school supplies for the children for example Making a previous list of what you want and researching prices are the most suitable attitudes for not extrapolating finances Costa.

The excesses during the holiday season meant that 15 of buyers got their name dirty because of outstanding debts with 6 having already cleared their name and 8 are still negative.

According to the survey the average amount of debts is R104153 which corresponds to an increase of R491 compared to the same period in 2020 when debts were on average R55050.

Costa warns that taking on new commitments could make this situation even worse at this time and advises that attention be paid to avoiding the appeal to consumption during.

Christmas and to spend according to your financial reality The ideal is to restrict expenses and deal with overdue bills first It is also worth planning before leaving home evaluating the budget available for those present drawing up a list of people to being presented and preventing the excitement of the moment from interfering with financial decisions says the president of the CNDL.

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