Another point to consider is that pets should never be transported in the back of a pickup truck or in the trunk There is a danger of poor ventilation leaving the pet stressed and this can even suffocate it.

Pets that are not used to the transport box can be accommodated in the back seat of the car but using a seat belt suitable for animals However the veterinarian gives some guidelines for this case In addition to the belt being safe the animal has more freedom of movement and can view the tutor and the external landscape But this seat belt must be used with a breastplate and never with a collar or choke given the risk of suffocation or injuries to the trachea esophagus or spine due to the movement of the vehicle

It is important to remember to leave the car ventilated and avoid making the sound too loud as the pets hearing is more sensitive On longer trips it is necessary to make a stop every two hours so that the animal can move take care of needs and drink water and offer food in small quantities she advises

If the trip is by plane the tip is to observe the rules of each company In general all require vaccination medical report or CVI International Veterinary Certificate payment of a specific fee and use of the transport box

There is a weight limit and some companies allow the pet depending on size and size to travel on board with the tutor under the seat in front of you for example recalls the veterinarian

If the journeys are long some items are allied with tutors and pets such as soothing herbal medicines manipulated in the form of a biscuit syrup syrup or paste and in the flavor that the pet likes But these medications must be prescribed by the animals veterinarian and administration must start between 15 and 5 days before the trip depending on the chosen active ingredients

It is important to remember that it is important to be up to date with all mandatory vaccinations such as those for giardiasis heartworm canine flu and leishmaniasis among others and that deworming and antifleas should never be ignored.

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