Bruno Gagliasso and Giovanna Ewbank ‘s baby was spotted in a charming moment next to his mom. The two actors have been married since 2010 and are proud parents of three children.

The firstborn Chissomo, better known as Titi, is eight years old, the boy Bless, middle son, is seven years old. The duo was born in Malawi, Africa. In addition to them, Giovanna and Bruno still had little Zyan, just one year and six months old.

Actress Gio Ewbank couldn’t resist showing her baby Z, as she affectionately calls her youngest, admiring the scenery during the helicopter trip. Little Zyan looked intently at the view, snuggled in his mother’s lap.

“Baby Z is enjoying it”, said the artist. In another moment, still inside the helicopter, the baby appears delicately touching a toy, a stuffed animal. The famous mom said: “Look at peace”.

Bruno Gagliasso appeared next to the boy Bless enjoying the new family ranch in Membeca, Rio de Janeiro. The place had its design inspired by the two oldest children’s country of origin.

One of the most surprising points is the lake that the actor set up on the ground, including fish. Another detail also thought by the couple to celebrate nature was a typical African tree, called Baobá, planted by the lake.

Recently, Gio explained the meaning of the species: “This tree is one of the fundamental symbols of traditional African cultures.

It is a figure of origin, it is a sign of the foundation, of the principle of all things, an element of connection between the multiplicity of ‘worlds’”.

In the video next to Bless, Bruno Gagliasso revealed that the middle son made a request to a fountain of wishes, also installed in the place. The boy recounted his requests: “Fire powers, stop time and speed”.

The father joked: “That’s all, see people?”. He also stated that he will show the source of wishes soon to his followers alongside his son.

By Ritu R

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