The Government of Spain, the Spanish Association of Advertisers and Autocontrol have regulated advertising campaigns through those known as influencers , prominent people on social networks and the Internet who influence public opinion.

On October 9, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs signed a new code of conduct drawn up by the two advertisers’ associations and which will require advertising to be signaled.

The associations will apply these regulations as of January 1, 2021. From that moment, the main Spanish brands will be subject to the new advertising requirements in the campaigns they carry out with influencers .

The document, to which the Economist has had access , obliges all advertisers associated with the aforementioned organizations to include in their contracts with influencers a clause by which they are linked to the actions provided for in such code with regard to their form of advertise the products or services of the brands that have hired them. However, the text excludes “purely editorial” content and those released by influencers ” on their own initiative or without editorial control.”

The new advertising code provides for the new payment methods for advertising a certain good, such as travel or products. Precept 4 of the new code considers that there is consideration when a direct payment is actually made.

However, it also extends these requirements to indirect payments through advertising agencies and, in addition, to the free delivery of a product, invitations to events, gift or travel vouchers .

It is common for influencers to reach commercial agreements with brands and agree to advertise their products in exchange for receiving the products themselves, free tickets to events or trips.

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