The Tax Agency has proposed to facilitate its access through the internet. The general director of the organization, Jesús Gascón, has advanced the 2021 tax and customs control plan that will allow the payment or deferral of debts “with a single click,” according to Gascón.

In this plan, the actions to be implemented to improve taxpayer assistance and account control based on improved digital platforms have been detailed . During an appearance in the Finance Committee of the Congress of Deputies , Gascón pointed out that the Agency’s objective is to extend the application functionalities “to more areas”, which initially has been “highly oriented” to personal income tax.

Among the initiatives is the launch of the Comprehensive Digital Administration (ADI), which already has an office in Valencia and this year will open others in Galicia, Madrid and Andalusia. In them it is foreseen that service will be provided to the entire national territory to, for example, open an instant messaging line with a technician if the system does not respond to the query, according to EFE Agency.

Facilities in the VAT declaration
The self-employed will also be allowed to download their harmonized income tax and VAT books on the Renta Web platform, which will automatically fill in the income draft. Another proposal consists of an extension of the VAT draft service to more than 40,000 taxpayers and a VAT draft will be created for some 600,000 landlords.

The ultimate goal, Jesús Gascón added, is that most taxpayers end up with a draft that they can easily modify , which will allow them to dedicate assistance resources to detecting hidden activities .

In customs matters , Gascón stressed that “Brexit is going unnoticed” despite its complexity at the borders and stressed that the main challenge in this area is trade.

In strict control terms, he has pointed out that one of the newest activities is the pursuit of “fictitious relocations” of taxpayers using “big data” techniques, a “very complicated” check that can now be faced thanks to the combination of 70 different data sources.

Asked if the departure of several youtubers abroad has impacted on the tax conscience of Spaniards, Gascón has defended that the debate cannot be raised in terms of high or low taxation, since Andorra is a microstate whose tax system “never” it could be proposed by “a Spanish political formation that aims to cover minimum expenses.”

New taxes on digital services
Gascón highlighted that the great challenge this year is the management of the new taxes on certain digital services and financial transactions , he pointed out.

Other regulatory developments include restricting cash payments more, so that setting the threshold at 1,000 euros, as has been proposed, would not affect retail trade that “does not move in those figures of average price per product”, according to the director General of the Tax Agency.

With regard to Variable Capital Investment Companies (sicav), Gascón foresees that with the new requirements for them to prove that they are true collective investment vehicles, they will “find a significant number” that do not comply.

Asked about the entry into homes for inspections, Gascón has been in favor of allowing them with judicial authorization in the economic-administrative route, as has been proposed in amendments to the law to combat fraud , without the need to resort to the criminal .

On the other hand, Gascón has underlined its commitment to increase the Agency’s staff to 27,000 this year, with the aim of recovering the 28,000 from before the crisis. However, Jesús Gascón has pointed out that it is necessary to analyze the needs in an increasingly technological environment and in which new profiles of workers are necessary

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