Eight online gambling operators will display in a clearly visible place on their web pages a new free telephone number to help people who may have problem gambling. The number 900533025 will be attended by professionals specialized in the treatment of these disorders and in responsible gambling at no cost for the call.

To comply with one of the measures of the royal decree that regulates commercial communications and advertising in the game, the association that brings together 80% of digital operators, JDigita l , and the federation of treatment and care entities for people dependent on the gambling, Fejar, have teamed up to create this phone number.

The Article 30 of the Royal Decree , enacted in November 2020, establishes the obligation for operators to reserve spaces clear and visible information and aspects related to responsible gaming with the aim of preventing addiction .

Thus, there must be an organization that offers “information on disorders associated with gambling” and also considers the need to provide “assistance in this regard throughout the national territory, as well as creating the corresponding section through the official website of the authority. in charge of regulating gambling “.

At the moment, eight operators of those that make up JDigital have joined the initiative, as reported by the general director of the association, Andrea Volta, at the press conference with the president of Fejar, Maxi Gutiérrez Muélleres. These are the companies Codere, Ebingo, Entain, Flutter, Sisal, Sportium, Wanabet and Winamax, although Volta does not exclude that other operators decide to join later.

In addition, the president of the employer’s association has argued that this telephone help and information service joins other “firewalls” that the industry incorporates in its platforms to make the environment more secure. In his opinion, however, “much remains to be done” and that is why platforms must continue to work with the technology available to them so that certain behaviors can be detected in advance and gambling “is a responsible leisure activity”.

As explained by Gutiérrez, president of the association of entities against dependency, people who voluntarily call because they are detecting a compulsive or worrying behavior will be attended to and they will be informed about preventive measures and what they can do to achieve that. don’t become an addiction.

If they directly state that they believe they may have an addiction problem, they will be referred to a Fejar association , where they will undergo psychometric tests to diagnose or not a gambling disorder. In addition, they will be informed about the legal limits that exist daily, weekly or monthly when placing bets, and, if necessary, of the coercive measures that a person can exercise if they need it.

This phone will be added to another one that Fejar has had for fifteen years and in which he reports on treatments for people with gambling addiction.

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