Citizens and the PSOE have reached an agreement in Murcia to launch a motion of no confidence against the regional president, Fernando López Miras, and thus evict the PP from the regional government. The censure motion was presented on Wednesday and includes the current Minister of Enterprise and spokesman , of Citizens, Ana Martinez Vidal, is named new president.

The leadership of the national PP has regretted that Inés Arrimadas has broken “her word” because she assured that this agreement, as in the rest of the municipalities and regions, “would last four years.” “It is an agreement of Citizens with PSOE and United We Can.

That is, Arrimadas pacts with [Pablo] Iglesias. It allows the radicals to govern in Murcia,” official sources have lamented. On the contrary, in the purple formation the approach of Pedro Sánchez to Arrimadas is not quite liked, although in the environment of Iglesias they assume that it is because the socialists “want to look for the center.”

Socialists and oranges add 23 seats, so they have an absolute majority to carry it out and it would mean the end of the PP Government after 26 years at the head of the autonomous community. In the last hours, the general secretary of the Socialists in the Region, and the regional coordinator of Citizens, Martínez Vidal, have agreed that she will be president of the Government during the two years that remain in the legislature. Then, when elections are held in 2022, it will be the leader of the party with the most votes at the polls.

In the regional elections of May 2019, the PSOE was the most voted list, but the agreement reached between the PP and Ciudadanos to form a coalition government, together with the support of Vox , gave the socialists no options to reach the Palacio de San Esteban.

The PSOE takes the mayoralty of five municipalities in Murcia after the agreement with Cs
The agreement reached by the leaders of Ciudadanos and PSOE also contemplates evicting the popular people from the Murcia City Council and in this case it will be the PSOE spokesman in the Consistory, José Antonio Serrano, who will appear as mayor of Murcia to remove José Ballesta from Mayor’s office. This point of the pact is pending the support of United We Can.

In addition, according to the agreement, in four other municipalities the Socialists would lead the different mayoralties: Caravaca, Ceutí, Fuente Álamo and Pliego . In all of them the PSOE was the most voted list in the municipal elections, but the Popular Party governs by the agreements reached with Citizens.

The parental pin
The Murcian legislature has been stressed in recent days by the pressure from Vox to the PP to recover the parental pin. The popular ones have yielded to be able to approve the budgets. Before, the community was shaken by the controversial vaccination of the Minister of Health , Manuel Villegas, who ended up resigning.

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According to sources from Cs, the break with the PP will only affect Murcia and they are not thinking of presenting motions of censure in Madrid, against Isabel Díaz Ayuso, or Castilla y León, against Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

Vox, whose support was necessary to invest the presidents of the three regions, has called for early regional elections to “stop” the “assault” on the left. The party led by Santiago Abascal criticizes that the PP “has been unable” to stop the advance “of the most radical left.”

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