May 7, 2021

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Belén Esteban Bundles Her In Sálvame

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Belén Esteban bundles her in ‘Sálvame’ when she tells the false pregnancy of María Lama, presenter of Kiss FM. The collaborator was confused and caused surprise and laughter in the announcer, who said that the one who is really expecting a child is her partner Marta Ferrer.

After more than a decade as a collaborator of ‘Save me’, Belén Esteban has managed to integrate enough into the space to put aside her character costume from the world of the heart and launch herself to give news as if she were a journalist.

However, you have not yet learned that before you tell viewers information, you have to check it and make sure it is correct. And it is that the ex of Jesulín de Ubrique has bundled it when announcing by mistake the pregnancy of María Lama , presenter with Xavi Rodríguez of the radio program ‘Las mañanas Kiss’ on Kiss FM.

Belén Esteban created enormous confusion after launching this news, which was rectified minutes later by Jorge Javier Vázquez with a laugh. The announcer was amazed when she suddenly began to see how her mobile phone was filled with messages from friends and acquaintances with congratulations .

Actually, the one who is expecting a child is Marta Ferrer , another well-known professional from the music station, who is in charge of the informative spaces on the morning strip.

Both took the situation with a great sense of humor and clarified what happened in their respective Twitter profiles. The official account of the space published a thread with the moments of the Telecinco magazine where the mistake was made and a statement from María Lama clarifying everything and removing iron from the matter.

Noticia Completa
The confusion occurred when both Belén Esteban and Jorge Javier declared themselves great followers of the radio alarm clock commanded by Xavi Rodríguez . Taking advantage of her congratulatory message for the program, the collaborator slipped the wrong pregnancy, for which she ended up apologizing.

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