The fight to increase firearms control is part of Joe Biden’s political dna but, as in other moments of his career, the democrat also collides in the presidency with the difficulties to undertake an authentic reform that has historically resisted in the United States. United.

This Thursday Biden appeared at the White House to announce six executive measures that fall far short of his ambitious campaign promises and, even for allies who applaud his actions, are modest . And the real battle is in Congress, where after being approved in the Lower House, two legislative proposals that would solve gaps in the history control system before a sale are stalled.

Biden, in fact, has again urged in his announcement to Congress to act both on that legislation and to renew the assault weapons limitation . And he knows that it is the cameras that can go further than his measures, which he has announced accompanied by the attorney general, Merrick Garland, and activists.

One of these executive actions targets the proliferation of so-called ” ghost weapons “, which are built with parts and, without a serial number, make it practically impossible to detect their origin. Another seeks to restrict access to accessories that allow you to transform a pistol into a weapon more similar to a precision rifle.

In both cases, Biden urged the Department of Justice to prepare proposals for these purposes, which he also requested to prepare a framework of “red flag” legislation , which would veto access to firearms to individuals who were identified as a potential danger from family members or law enforcement agencies.

In the midst of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and with the focus on vaccination efforts, economic recovery and the infrastructure plan, the issue of arms control has once again been relegated to the background in the list of priorities. , even as Biden and the White House acknowledge that gun violence is “an epidemic and international shame” and even as the horror of the massacres has returned.

The recent ones in Colorado and Atlanta have been joined in the last hours by one in South Carolina, where a former player of the American Football League has shot himself on Thursday after shooting five people the day before , including two five and nine year olds .

Some 11,000 people have died from firearms in the United States so far this year, Attorney General Merrick Garland reported. According to a recent report by the Everytown for Gun Safety group referred to by Biden, the problem costs the country about $ 280 billion a year in medical and psychological treatment.

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