Aortyx , a start-upborn from the Institut Químic de Sarrià and the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has closed a round of 2.4 million euros. He is developing an innovative patch for minimally invasive treatment of aortic dissections.

The device aims to dramatically reduce the mortality of patients and increase their quality of life. Since its founding in 2018, Aortyx has managed to raise more than three million euros.

This second round, catalyzed through Capital Cell, has among the shareholders relevant investors such as Medex Partners, Vergara Capital, ‘family offices’ from the Catalan ecosystem and investors from the first round who have renewed their confidence in the project. Rosendo Garganta, representative of Medex, has stated that “Aortyx is a unique investment opportunity,

“This investment will allow us to continue to meet the scheduled times and maintain our objective of launching an innovative product that could save many lives,” said Jordi Martorell, co-founder and CEO of Aortyx. In addition, Aortyx will lead the awareness of aortic diseases in Spain, helping the Think Aorta organization to develop its work in Spain first and in Latin America later.

The company had previously been recognized and funded by the European Commission, EITHealth, the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the CDTI and ENISA. It should also be noted that before founding the company, the project had already received funding and support from FIPSE, “la Caixa” Foundation through the CaixaResearch Validate program and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

In addition, Aortyx has just entered the first edition of the Medlim program, led by the multinational device company Medtronic, the Belgian fund imec and the Dutch government agency LIOF, with the aim of shortening time to market and minimizing development errors. of the product.

In line with the company’s rapid internalization objectives, Aortyx will be the case study of the GBA Healthcare series, organized by Guangzhou International Bio Island, in China.

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Aortyx’s work focuses on the design of patches to repair the aorta in a minimally invasive way. Specifically, the device under development consists of a patch that is adhered to the damaged artery to plug the wound or tear. Its technology focuses on mimicking the original aortic tissue to achieve better tissue integration and regeneration.

Aortic dissection has an incidence of 1 in 10,000 patients per year and its mortality rate can reach 50% depending on the complexity of the damage caused. The patch is bioabsorbable, it can promote healing, vessel regeneration and full recovery from injury.

Aortyx was founded in October 2018 by researchers from the IQS School of Engineering, Jordi Martorell, Noemí Balà, Dr. Salvador Borrós; and Dr. Vicenç Riambau, Head of Vascular Surgery at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

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