Spain will deliver the final national reform and investment plan to the European Commission next week . The essential requirement to access the 140,000 million euros of the European recovery plan.

A document that, as explained by the minister of labor and third vice president, Yolanda Díaz , is already closed, including a “comprehensive and ambitious” labor reform that has been presented this Thursday to the vice president of the Community Executive Valdis Dombrovskis . According to Díaz, the Latvian has not asked for any change and has welcomed the plan that promises to present all labor market reforms before December 31, 2021 .

“We have had a fruitful and positive meeting. We have obtained a favorable reception to the plan of reforms and modernization of the labor market, “the minister summarized after a meeting that lasted about an hour and that was planned, according to the minister’s team, for a long time.

The exercise puts an end to a first stage of negotiation during which they have held more than “70 work meetings” with the Community Executive. Hence, the Community Executive already knew “in detail the scope of the structural reforms” proposed by Spain in the labor market.

Moreover, according to Díaz, Brussels and Spain are “substantially in agreement” and share the diagnosis on the situation of the Spanish labor market and its problems, derived from the lack of stability of the labor market, segmentation, duality, youth unemployment , seasonal unemployment and precariousness.

“There has been an absolute anomaly for more than 36 years” and “it is the first time that the Government of Spain is going to address these reforms,” ​​explained Díaz, who has defined the reform they propose as “comprehensive and ambitious” because “they never it has done in Spain ”and that it considers that is the reform that Brussels wants.

Reforms within the social dialogue
To modernize the labor market, Spain is proposing to harmonize and simplify existing contracts from only three: one of an indefinite nature, one temporary but with justified cause and another for training. Another component will be the modernization and digitization of public services, which will be trusted to provide employment because they continue to operate with a twentieth-century mechanism.

Each and every one of the reforms will be carried out within the social dialogue and the aim is to approve them before the end of the year. “At the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy we have set the deadline of 2021 and the social agents know it well. As you know we have a lot of work ahead of us ”, he valued. Diaz, who has also promised “political and institutional dialogue” to achieve support for the plan in Congress.

From the team of Vice President Dombrovskis, they have described the meeting with the labor minister as “positive”. ”

They have discussed the reforms and investments proposed by Spain to improve the functioning of the Spanish labor market and the opportunities for workers, based on social dialogue,” explained its spokesperson. This Friday it will be Vice President Nadia Calviño who will hold another meeting with the European leader, although it will be by videoconference.

Although the plan designed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez is one of the most advanced, Portugal has gone ahead this Thursday and has become the first country in the EU to comply with the procedure and submit its national investment plan and definitive reforms to Brussels, as confirmed by Prime Minister Antonio Costa and the European Commission.

The plan will give the neighboring country access to 13.9 billion euros in non-refundable transfers and 2.7 billion in loans with the option of requesting another 2.3 billion.

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