The Venezuelan threw himself from a ninth floor after acknowledging the events on his Instagram account.

The Venezuelan writer living in Buenos Aires (Argentina) Willy McKey committed suicide this Thursday by rushing from a ninth floor, after being denounced for several cases of sexual abuse in Venezuela, where the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation, which also affects other popular characters from the world of culture of the Caribbean country.

The news of the suicide of the 40-year-old writer was confirmed by the Argentine Police, who found that in the courtyard of the first floor of the building in which he committed suicide “there was a man lying there without vital signs.”

In recent days, several women narrated on social networks the abuse they suffered, among which was a victim of McKey, with the pseudonym “Pía”, who described her case, which occurred when she was 16 and he was 36 .

After “Pía” published his story, McKey also posted a statement on his Instagram account in which he acknowledged that he had committed rape in the past and identified the facts that the victim described. “I must admit that this episode took place at a time when I was a public figure and was in a formal relationship with who up to now has been my partner,” said the writer, who received numerous rejection responses.

The attorney general of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, reported this Thursday that other events that have become known in recent days are also under investigation, such as the abuse of several women and minors by Alejandro Sojo and Murachi Palomo, members of the Los Colores music band, and Tony Maestracci, from the group Tomates Fritos.

The official named the theater directors Juan Carlos Ogando, from Skena Teatro, and José Pepe Arceo, from Ant Producciones, also investigated for acts of the same nature. Later, he added comedian and announcer José Rafael Briceño, for instigating “drugging and raping women.”

Some of the musicians have published statements in which they acknowledge the facts and they claim to have reflected on their actions in the past and their “macho” behavior, to which public opinion responded harshly and rejected.

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