Brazil has passed the macabre barrier of 400,000 deaths from covid-19 in the midst of a health crisis aggravated by the health policy of the far-right government. According to the Ministry of Health, the South American giant recorded 3,001 deaths on Thursday.

The number of deaths increased exponentially since the beginning of 2021. In just 77 days it went from 200,000 to 300,000 fatalities. Thirty-seven days later, there were 401,186 dead. To illustrate the seriousness of the events, the Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Globo imagined on a virtual map what kind of cemetery would be needed to bury them. Its dimensions shudder.

The number of positive cases since the pandemic began is 14.5 million. Brazil, with 212 million inhabitants, has so far 32.2 million vaccinated with the first dose.

The new variants of covid-19, including the local strain, which emerged in the Amazon, caused havoc that found the health authorities powerless or paralyzed by the attitudes of President Jair Bolsonaro himself.

Bolsonaro’s role
“Breaking dismal records and facing bleak prospects for the near future, Brazil has racked up 400,000 lives lost to the scourge of covid-19. The advantage of having been one of the last nations to be hit by the pandemic that began in China, and having had time to learn and prepare, it was wasted by Brazil, whose president he blamed encouraged risky behavior, “the São Paulo daily Folha said in its editorial .

Several factors, he added, “merged to sow the newly harvested humanitarian catastrophe .”

The Government is in the sights of Congress. A Senate commission began investigating the responsibilities of Bolsonaro and his team. The retired captain underestimated the pandemic, to the point of calling it ” flu .” In turn, he rejected social confinements and the use of masks. He promoted the use of chloroquine, despite the rejection of the scientific community and questioned the potential of vaccines.

“We regret the deaths, there have been a large number. But I am not worried about the parliamentary commission,” said the retired captain, convinced that the purchase of the wills of centrist politicians will prevent the doors of a parliamentary impeachment process from opening.

For the newspaper Estado, “one of the consequences of this pandemic is the trivialization of death” in a country where its main executive authority “used its constitutional powers to interrupt the fight against the virus.” The situation took that course because the Government “treated the pandemic with the well-known denial .”

The national drama must have been met “with leadership, concentration and determination.” But that has not happened. “Everything was contrary to what the president of the United States, Joe Biden , did and achieved., in just 100 days of management. In the United States, the pandemic killed 574,000 people.

But the goal of vaccinating 100 million in 100 days was simply doubled. That is the main reason that activity in the United States can now expand, create jobs and re-lead the world economy. ”

Lula’s position
“Four hundred thousand of us have left. They were here recently and not now. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, children, husbands, wives, friends,” former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva wrote on his Twitter account and assured that “” those responsible for this genocide have names . ”

Lula has just regained his political rights after a Supreme Court ruling. In his opinion, Bolsonaro opened the doors of Brazil ” and received covid-19 with hospitality . He treated the virus as an ally. And he has to pay for attacking the Brazilian people.”

Istoé magazine , which has been a persistent opponent of Lula, especially during his second term, expressed itself in similar terms as the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT): “For decades, Brazil has cultivated the image of the power of the future.

Little More than two years of Bolsonaro’s government were enough to isolate the country and throw its reputation in the mud, as a fifth category nation . The prevailing perception is that the country has lost the tram of history. It will not be able to join the club of the rich countries or solve their serious structural problems. “

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