The Government signs an agreement with the mutuals and adds 10,000 health workers to accelerate vaccination.

Minister José Luís Escrivá agrees with CEOE and AMAT to make the infrastructure of private mutual insurance companies available to the autonomous communities to accelerate immunization among workers.

The Government , the employers’ association of the AMAT mutuals and the large Spanish employer’s association CEOE have signed an agreement this Wednesday to make the infrastructure of the private mutuals available to the autonomous communities in order to speed up the vaccination process .

The public health system totals between 7,000 , according to Social Security, and 10,000 health workers, according to CEOE, from the private sector to support it when the authorities deem it appropriate and increase the speed of immunization among the working population.

As explained by the Minister of Inclusion, José Luís Escrivá, some regional governments have already been interested in adding private toilets to their supply chain of roads.

The signature of said collaboration agreement has been produced this Thursday, although the Minister of Inclusion, José Luís Escrivá, already advanced in mid-April the agreement with the private mutuals , sponsored by the CEOE employer. “It is very appropriate and very timely that [the agreement] takes place at this time.

Reaching the 70% objective is absolutely feasible , the vaccines will arrive” and “we have to strengthen logistics,” he declared. Escrivá during the presentation of the agreement In communities like, for example, Catalonia, the vaccination of the population between 50 and 59 years begins next week, an age group of the working population and where mutuals can have direct contact.

“Let’s hope that these vaccines arrive so that you have to call us and say that the mutuals are launched to start vaccinating,” replied the president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi . Employers are aware that as long as there is no health stability and infections are not controlled, the activity of certain sectors, such as accommodation, restaurants or culture, it is difficult to return to the levels of activity (and benefits) of before the covid crisis. ”

This is solved with three things: vaccine, vaccine and more vaccine, ” Garamendi declared.

The Government intends to rely on mutuals to speed up the vaccination process, once the arrival of vials increases, especially among SMEs. Due to the size of the company, they tend to lack their own prevention services. Currently, the private mutual insurance sector covers 17 million workers in Spain, according to data provided by the president of AMAT, José Carlos Lacasa .

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