If in the 90s, the bakalao route triumphed in Valencia and its surroundings, in this second decade of the 21st century, the horchata route plays scene and the protagonists change: instead of fans of the makina dancing in huge nightclubs along the road to El Saler.

Now there are five historical establishments in Barcelona and Badalona that seduce gurmets thirsty for this popular artisan drink made with tigernut , the Valencian treasure that, after being mixed with water and sugar, tastes like heavenly music.

For the route, which begins this Friday and ends in September, a passport has been created in which to stamp the drinks made at each . When completed, the sixth is free in any of them.

They are Sirvent La Campana La Valenciana A map has also been published with the location of these establishments and a brochure with cocktails that allows this drink (with coffee, lemon, strawberry, ice cream with a thousand and one flavors and its health benefits .

In addition to being refreshing and addictive, it is vegan, gluten-free, contains a good amount of iron and potassium, adds the virtues of milk but lactose-free, is good for cholesterol … There is even a study out there that claims that It is an aphrodisiac .

A good way to promote the quality horchata that they make in these family businesses created more than a century ago by people from Xixona or Valencia and whose current managers belong to fourth and fifth generations, Let’s say, then, that horchata can already be considered Barcelona.

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